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Lay’s South Africa has finally seen the light, cancels Salt ‘n Vinegar chips

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Yes I know we’re a pop culture website but we’re also motivated by food over here. Most of it disastrously unhealthy and currently burning a path through our organs like weaponised thermite but I digress. If there’s one staple snack in the arsenal of any couch potato, it’s a packet of crispy chips. We all have our preference, whether it’s a tube of Pringles, Nikking to the Nak with the cheesiest treats around or trying to justify paying extra for Woolworths chips.

For many of us, our flat sodium slice of choice is Lay’s. There’s a variety of flavours on the market at any given time, but you’d be hard-pressed right now to find the worst flavour of the lot on store shelves. Presumably in an effort to keep founder Herman Lay from disrupting Earth’s rotational force with all the rolling in his grave at such an abomination of a flavour bearing his name, Lay’s South Africa has finally pulled the disgusting concoction out of supermarkets. For good.

EXCELLENT. Lay’s still has the newer and far superior Sweet and Smokey American Barbeque flavour to treat your tastebuds with, an infinitely better way to consume life-sustaining matter that isn’t seasoned with absolute misery and regret of a seaside variety. I know that taste is subjective to all, but let’s be real: Ain’t nobody going to miss Lay’s Salt ‘n Vinegar chips, a hill that I am more than prepared to die on today.

Last Updated: February 11, 2020

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