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Lesser-Known Cities of the UAE Worth Visiting

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When you think about visiting the UAE, the first thing that comes to mind is Dubai, with its lovely shopping malls, beaches, and, not to mention, the amazing Burj Khalifa. However, if you delve deeper, you can find it abundant in ancient ruins, and it has a deep heritage and culture. Where can you explore such things in this country? Take the offbeat track to cities that are so well known but where you can catch a glimpse of local life and culture.

What Cities Are Important To Visit To Learn About UAE Culture and Heritage?

There are many interesting cities spread across the UAE where you can experience stunning landscapes and find out about how life was hundreds of years ago, where the Ale is totally different from what you see in its modern cities. Arrive in the UAE by booking a flight through cleartrip.ae, through which you can get the best deals and offers. Here is a look at key off-beat locations that are a must-visit during a vacation:

  • Al Ain: What you’ll notice about it at first sight is its greenery, which has given it the name Green City, though it stands right in the middle of desert surroundings. Lots of the local population can be seen here; many are still living a very traditional life. A treasure trove of historical knowledge awaits you at the Al-Ain National Museum. You can get a panoramic view of the entire city at the Jebel Hafeet, and when you come down, make sure to take a stroll through the Al Ain Oasis, where shady trees and a serene environment await.
  • Sharjah – Come here to delve deeper into Emirati local culture, as it is a city that has dedicated itself to preserving it. In the local art galleries, you can find fine masterpieces of local paintings and you can also check out its many museums and the Blue Souk to step back in time. You might want to visit the Al Majaz Waterfront to take photos or visit the Wildlife Center to see the many animals that live here.  Another cosy tourist spot that you must visit is the Eye of the Emirates Ferris wheel. 
  • Ajman’s main attraction is its 10-mile-long beach, which offers lots of opportunities for different types of water sports. The perfect spot for bird watching is the Al Zorah Nature Reserve, where it is quite common to see many flamingos. It is also full of luscious mangrove forests, which are picture-perfect for photos. If you love a game of golf, then visiting the Al Zorah Golf Club is a must. A trip to the cornice is really pleasant, as you can see so many restaurants and cafes and enjoy the beauty of the beach. Also, check out the natural beauty of this place at Al Manama or perhaps Masfout.
  • Ras-Al-Khaimah is a city that is quite close to Dubai and known for its rugged mountainous beauty as the Hajar Mountains pass through it, according to EuroNews. It is pretty much a local environment with no presence of spas or resorts. Enjoy the thrill of a zip ride on the Jebel Jais, the tallest peak here; else, visit the traditional Dhayah Fort and climb way to the top here for a fantastic view of the surroundings. You can find out a lot about the city’s culture and heritage in its museum.
  • Fujairah is located in the eastern part of the country, close to Oman, and is known for having the second-largest mosque in the world, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque (source). Visit the Al-Bidyah Mosque, which has been in existence for the past four thousand years. Explore the fascinating Fujairah fort, which takes you back in time with its ancient structure, and then stop at the museum, where you can see many of the weapons used in the bronze era and also check out the pre-Islamic silver coins put on display. Complete your sightseeing in this city with a visit to Al Aqah Beach, where you can indulge in many spectacular water sports activities.

As you explore these cities, you can see how local people live, enjoy their cuisine in various restaurants, and take time off to visit beautiful natural places that are so scenic to explore. Check out the deals on flight tickets to the UAE on cleartrip.ae and arrive in the country to experience a new facet—its heritage! Immerse yourself in the authentic cultural life of the UAE and enjoy understanding the country like never before.

Last Updated: January 24, 2024

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