Local retailer Edgars is starting to test in-store coffee shops

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Retailers embedding restaurants and coffee shops within their walls aren’t a new idea. Locally, Woolworths has successfully made their coffee shops a part of the Woolworths experience. Exclusive books and Seattle Coffee Company have enjoyed a long history of partnership.

The latest retailer to try this out is Edgars. The historically beleaguered retailer is trying its hand at embedding coffee shops within its stores. In a partnership with Famous Brands (The folks behind Steers, Mugg and Bean, Wimpy and more), Edcon is testing an in-store café concept called MADE.

“The concept of MADE Café was inspired by the desire to enhance the customer shopping experience, and offer them a space to pause and connect while buying the latest fashion, beauty and home items, all while enjoying a delicious meal and great ambience,” said an Edcon spokesperson. (via Fast Moving)

“This concept was inspired to enhance the shopping experience for our customers, where they have a space to refuel and refresh. If this contributes to an increase in sales and foot traffic, it is a win-win for the customer and Edgars.”

It’s piloting at the Eastgate branch of Edgars, and serves typical café fare: Coffee, pastries, light lunches, sandwiches and the like.

“It’s potentially a logical progression … for non-food retailers that already have a strong investment in their stores … a food offering pulls customers back on a constant basis,” says Chris Wilkinson, Managing director of Australia’s First Retail Group on the trend of traditionally non-food retailers offering things to eat.

“You are putting people past your merchandise on a daily basis, so they can get lunches or meet people … that constant connection with the product means there is a much higher likelihood that people are going to buy the product.”

He added that while people need not shop for clothing on a daily basis, “people certainly buy coffee every day.”

I don’t want to play into gender stereotypes here, but this is obviously just not for me. When I step into a shop, I tend to know exactly what it is I want, grab it, and get the hell out. Spending hours within the confines of a clothing retailer is not my idea of a good time. That said, it could give some welcome respite to weary shoppers whose partners are prone to extended shopping excursions.

Last Updated: August 1, 2017

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