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Musica, that shop you used to buy CDs and DVDs from, is being shut down nationwide

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Remember when you wanted the latest and hottest albums, and you had to go obtain a selection of music from a physical location? Me neither, but apparently that’s a thing that happened in an dark age that predates Napster or that dodgy dude at your high school who carried around a scratched CD with several hundred songs on it.

Musica used to be the place to grab the latest album or a fresh addition to your Blu-ray collection. Even with more consumers adopting digital distribution, it still served a market that enjoyed physical ownership of content, and even branched out into other forms of merchandising. Vinyl records, headsets, video game consoles, if it had any tangible relation to music, Musica stocked it.

Those days are over.

Clicks Group, Musica’s parent, announced today that the music retailer’s stores will be shut down countrywide. “Shareholders are advised that the board of directors has taken a decision to close the group’s heritage entertainment brand Musica with effect from 31 May 2021,” Clicks said in a press statement on the JSE.

The inevitable demise of the brand has been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, which resulted in the rapid decline in foot traffic in destination malls where Musica stores are typically located.

It’s the end of an era, hastened by the current pandemic and closing the book on a local brand that was a favourite haunt for many mallrats when they were growing up. Being able to preview newly released albums, grabbing one of the cool McFarlane collectibles when they were briefly stocked or even picking up a few extra music band badges from the front desk, will soon be distant memories as 2021 rolls on.

Last Updated: January 28, 2021

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