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My plans 2020 is a hilariously horrific reminder of how buggered everything is right now

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Like most of you, I had a vision for what 2020 was going to be for me. I had plans, I had a scheme that would make 2020 the year of D! And then…well, that happened. Thanks to strict lockdowns, air travel being verboten and a high probability of the not so thin blue line throwing your ass into the slammer should you attempt to LARP Smokey and the Bandit by crossing provincial lines, we’re all stuck at home.

For introverts with a steady access to their brand of entertainment, it’s not so bad. For extroverted Mortal Kombat cosplayers who need to go do some shopping, it’s a new golden age. For everyone else? EVERYTHING SUCKS! Maybe you were planning to go on holiday somewhere exotic, maybe you were looking to hit a few conventions, but those grand designs you had in your head have instead been replaced with a crushing dose of reality.

Nobody is immune from this, we’re all feeling the effects and we’ve all pretty much been left with one single outlet: Having a laugh through social media. The current game on Twitter and Facebook is a fantastic reminder of how humanity at it’s best, knows how to squeeze some humour from the crappiest lemons that life can throw at you.

It’s a simple game as well: Take an image that shows off just how amazing you thought 2020 was going to be for you, and then diametrically oppose it with reality. Which would result in content like this:

So how does your dream of 2020 look in comparison to the terrifying reality of what it actually is? Post examples below please, because this one continuum of misery from which we could all use a brief respite.

Last Updated: May 20, 2020

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