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Sequel to Ready Player One novel coming this November

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When Ernest Cline released his sci-fi novel Ready Player One back in 2011, it immediately resonated with gamers in how it portrayed the future of 2045, where people got to live out their entire lives through a massive virtual reality world known as the Oasis. This was something which many gamers who had invested hundreds of hours playing MMOs could certainly relate to. It’s also a future that feels like it could happen, even if the capitalistic world it takes place in is not exactly a positive one.  

And that future was experienced by an even wider number of people when Steven Spielberg adapted Ready Player One into a 2018 movie crammed with Cline’s nostalgic 1980s tributes and geeky wonders. The film ended up grossing $582.2 million worldwide, which means that plenty of people would pay to see more of that nerdy future. Well they’re getting it as publisher Ballantine Books (via THR) has announced that Kline’s long-awaited book sequel will finally be coming out on November 24 and is titled Ready Player Two.

Okay, so the name is not exactly an exciting one and feels a bit silly, but it does all depend on where Cline takes the story rather than what it is called. We don’t know what that story is exactly, but the writer has previously revealed that he loved Spielberg’s adaptation of his book a lot (even though it had to change many elements for licensing reasons) and he even bounced a few ideas off of the director during the filming of Ready Player One. This could mean that the book sequel could be aimed at the movie audiences as well, but Cline also explained that he was trying to do a book follow-up rather than a movie sequel. Either way, we can probably expect an actual movie sequel to be announced soon afterwards.

I read the first book and while I didn’t like everything about it, it thought it was a fun read and hopefully the follow up can offer the same sort of escapism and geeky nostalgia. Also considering we might not make it out of this year alive, we might as well get as much fun out of dreaming about the future as possible.

Last Updated: July 10, 2020

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