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Flamebait Friday Debate: What movie terrified the world but left you unmoved?

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We had a tradition in my university residence, a weekly movie club of sorts. Every Saturday, to recover from the hangovers that usually followed a Friday night out, a group of friends and I would gather in the common room and watch a horror film. The selection rotated every week so that we all got a chance to choose what we watched. When it eventually got around to my turn, I nominated The Blair Witch Project, one of my favourite movies of all time. I’ve seen it a dozen times and it still manages to chill me to the bone so I was excited to share my morbid appreciation for the tragedy of the teenagers lost somewhere in a Burkittsville forest.


Yet despite the fear I still experience when watching The Blair Witch Project, I was alone in my appreciation. Everyone else found it boring, uninteresting and just…not scary. Shocked, I was. Appalled! The Blair Witch Project? Not scary? “What kind of treasonous stance was this?”, I shouted above the chorus of mockery and chides that were slung against my flesh. Was I truly alone in my fear of the witch that tormented the teens and had a strange adoration for corners? Unfathomable. Untenable. Unexpectable.


Yet come the next week, the movie Sinister was selected and while my friends cowered in fear at the creature, which in my mind resembled Tommy Wiseau forming a half-hearted companionship with the Venom symbiote, I was left unmoved. This was what scared them? This over Blair Witch? I was left shocked, confused and just a little bit sticky from whatever was soaked into those cursed common room couches.


With the release of the Blair Witch game this week, I’ve been considering this incident over and over in my head as I play through the expansion of the story established by the film. It also makes me think of subjective tastes in horror can be, with attitudes often being incredibly divisive over what’s scary in a movie. Hence, this Flamebait Friday Debate: What movie terrified the world but didn’t affect you in the slightest? What made you cover your eyes in fear while everyone else watched the screen unshaken and bemused?

Let me know in the comments! Answers will be marked out of 10, for those looking for Fake Internet Points.

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Last Updated: August 30, 2019

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