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Friday Debate – How focused are you when watching a movie or TV series?

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Multi-tasking is a silly gimmick. It’s inefficient and a waste of time except for the most basic of tasks that don’t require any real attention paid to them in the first place. By not giving your full attention to a task that requires it you run a far greater risk of making mistakes or missing things you shouldn’t, and watching a movie or TV series is serious business damn it!

We’re all used to sitting quietly in a movie theatre and focusing on the movie we’ve paid eleventy three and seven Nkandlas to watch. We’ve also all got the horror stories about that person who starts playing with their phone, or the one who struggles to open a packet of sweets for what seems like forever, or who can’t eat their popcorn quietly and slurps noisy on their cool drink every chance they get. I like to call that person Nick.

These days we’re spending far more time watching our favourite entertainment in the comfort of our own homes (hi Netflix!) where there are even more distractions around and we don’t need to feel the slightest bit guilty about hauling out our phones.

However the rise of the so-called prestige drama on TV has provided us with far more intricately plotted and acted series, some of which revel in subtlety and foreshadowing; and sometimes it’s not what the characters say or do, but what they don’t, that clues you in to their character’s motivations and plans.

Blink, as they say, and you’ll miss it. And heaven forbid you tell me something didn’t make sense and I find out that you were doing something else at the time it was explained.

My feelings on the matter should be fairly obvious (unless you didn’t actually read anything I just wrote which proves my point), but how about you?

Do you focus exclusively on what you’re watching, will you have a conversation on your phone while watching something, or is the whole thing just playing in the background while you’re doing something else – quickly turning to look when something happens? Tell us in the comments below!

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Last Updated: April 28, 2017

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