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Friday Debate: Weed is legal, so what are you eating?

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You might have noticed that certain parts of the country are cloudier than your high school art teacher’s office during lunch time. There’s a strange odour in the air, more people have smiles on their faces and there has been at least an 867% in Bob Marley music being played in public. Dagga, Mary Jane,Skunk or whatever you call that holiest of herbs, is now legal for consumption and within the next two years you’ll be able to blaze up a joint at the end of the day without worrying about the state Gestapo kicking your door down for smoking something harmless in your own abode.

That’s great for a number of reasons: The Rastafarian community can finally practice their religion as their god intended, the medicinal properties of weed have been scientific fact for many a year and even those people living with more painful ailments can fight the chronic with chronic puffing. Personally, I’m not a fan of the stuff due to an incident last year at E3 where some jackass puffed non-stop behind me at a restaurant, resulting in me spending two hours with my head in his green clouds and almost literally crapping my pants before I got back to Critical Hit HQ.

While I may have almost ruined my favourite shorts, that doesn’t mean that I’m not happy to see other people partake in some of the ol’ weed wheeze. Here’s the kicker though: Junk food sales are going to go through the roof once marijuana smoking becomes more commonplace in the years to come. You’ve seen it countless stoner movies such as Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle or the Oscar-winning masterpiece Grandma’s Boy, but the munchies aren’t a joke.

This is a real craving, a desire to eat anything once you’ve got some THC in your system. So here’s the question: What’s the best food to combat the munchies with? I’d imagine that some readily available junk food would be the best, of which there is no shortage of locally. If I were struck with the munchies, I’d probably go drop a few bucks on Steers or KFC to sate my hunger.

Alternatively, you can make something to eat, although I’m not allowed to actually cook anything because apparently my usage of baked beans has been classified as a war crime against humanity by the Hague. So sound off below. Tell us the ultimate hunger-buster for the munchies, or maybe even regale us with a tale of an epic journey to a particular fast food eatery that satisfied your post-blazing hunger in the past.

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Last Updated: September 21, 2018

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