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Friday Debate – Which movie deserves its own Snyder Cut?

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One massive fan campaign later (and a partially digested rubber Batman cowl seasoned with the flavour of absolute disbelief for being called to honour a wager), and it’s official: Zack Snyder will release his cut of Justice League and bring balance to the DC cinematic universe. At least that’s the hope, now that Warner Bros. is throwing many millions of dollars at the director in the ballsiest attempt yet to score a few eyeballs for their HBO Max streaming service.

What’s important here isn’t the resurrection of Justice League, but rather the precedent that it has set. Fans are beginning to realise that endless campaigning, actors chipping in and studios with too much cash to spend on their new stay-at-home streaming platforms during a viral apocalypse makes for the perfect recipe at getting your way.

Already there are calls now for other films to get the Snyder Cut treatment. Tens of Suicide Squad fans want to see director David Ayers version of the film that was due to be delivered before Warner Bros. demanded that he go back and make a Detroit version of Guardians of the Galaxy (More on that later), and petition websites are filled with calls to cinematic action.

The harsh reality though, is that a lot of these films won’t receive the same treatment. That doesn’t mean that some films aren’t deserving a second chance though! Kervyn still believes that Disney did John Carter of Mars dirty by never truly taking advantage of the fact that he’s the prototype action hero of literature who hails from a world that is part Tarzan and part Star Wars.

I’m certain that there’s a legion of Star Wars fans who want to see the Colin Trevorrow cut of Episode IX, I’d toss money at Birds of Prey to bounce back with a Snyder Cut of better marketing and I think Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four deserves a second chance. It’s an absolute crime how David Fincher’s Alien 3 got hamstrung by studio meddling, and in my ballsiest statement yet: Daredevil.

The early 2000s film starring Batfleck got raked over the coals by critics back in the day, but Mattfleck’s take on the man without fear is more than deserving of a reminder of just how great director Mark Steven Johnson’s vision for it truly was. I’ve got the director’s cut of the film, and barring the dodgy wire-fu, it’s a lean and mean alternative version that is darker, moodier and bloodier stuff.

What about you though? Which movie would you like to see get a Snyder Cut? And in extra petty points, the headline for this article was originally “Friday debate: What are more deserving movies to get a second chance instead of Justice League”. Sound off below.

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Last Updated: May 22, 2020


  1. I want to see the Star Wars episode 7-9 cut, cut from my memory that is.


    • Krabby Paddy

      May 22, 2020 at 11:46

      It seems that I actually get to be thankful I haven’t watched episode 9. 7 & 8 though … Well in a way they were kinda forgetful. Although, I guess some of the die hard Star wars fans will never forget the disappointment.


    • Guz

      May 22, 2020 at 13:12

      Not to worry it was pretty forgetful anyway, give it a year or two, I’ve forgotten most of the plot to the last jedi already


    • Son of Banana Jim

      May 22, 2020 at 15:09

      May the aliens invade in June, capture us all and wipe episodes 7 -9 from our memories. #2020NeedsToThrowUsAbone


      • Hammersteyn

        May 22, 2020 at 15:33

        They can probe me anytime to dig the memory out


  2. MechMachine

    May 22, 2020 at 13:18

    I secretly love Snyder’s Superman work and would love to see more.


  3. Son of Banana Jim

    May 22, 2020 at 15:01

    I just want to see the Lucas cut. It won’t be perfect but it’ll be a damn better movie than whatever Jar Jar gave us last year December.


  4. Caveshen Rajman

    May 22, 2020 at 10:47

    I want Game of Thrones seasons 7 and 8 to be re-made by people who haven’t given up on the series because of their Disney and Netflix deals.

    EDIT: And while we’re here, let’s also get Rian Johnson to remake Rise of the Skywalker – I’m not saying The Last Jedi fit well into the sequel trilogy, in my mind it didn’t and was very obviously trying to shake things up in the eleventh hour, but! I want to see what he would do with the finale. At least then, you’re giving the same team the opportunity to set up for a new and different future, which IS exciting.

    Another one that bugs me is Passenger – I think that movie had a great premise but the wrong sequence of events. It should happen from Jennifer Lawrence’s character’s perspective, from the time she woke up until the time she realised what Chris Pratt’s character did, then the movie should circle back to his story, before returning to the present to address the fallout. *shrug*


    • Kervyn Cloete

      May 22, 2020 at 11:07

      Trevorrow’s Duel of the Fates script is actually a pretty good follow-up to The Last Jedi. Still some silliness in there (Jedi heaven!) but it feels like one consistent story with the previous chapters at least.


      • Caveshen Rajman

        May 22, 2020 at 11:21

        Also true.

        Perhaps what I really want is for Rian Johnson to do a Star Wars trilogy of his own, so he can have his admittedly really cool ideas, somewhere far away from the Skywalker lineage lol.


    • MechMachine

      May 22, 2020 at 13:12

      Are you serous ? Passengers ? That movie was a slap in the face to the idea of Sci-Fi, Respectfully. No. Just no.


    • Guz

      May 22, 2020 at 13:08

      So over GOT, I was so disappointed, but luckily these kinds of books/shows are my jam, so I just read a few new releases from my favorite authors to wash the stink from my mind that was season 8 and Im all better now


  5. BradeLunner

    May 22, 2020 at 15:20

    In the spirit of campaigning fans, I’d love to see Netflix’s Daredevil in the MCU, that fan base is so dedicated. Also I heavily agree with Alien 3!


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