Midweek Mouth-off: Oscar watching – 2013 edition

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Given the announcement of this year’s Oscar nominations last Thursday, and the Golden Globe winners on Sunday,  today we want to know what you think of the 2013 award season?

Do you have a favourite nominee who (you think) deserves the accolades? Do you even care? Are the various awards bodies on target this year, or are they on a completely different track from the movie-going public? Let us know.

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Last Updated: January 16, 2013

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  • I still like the Academy even though they always mess up some nominations. Hoping for Lincoln to win stuff (just for Spielberg’s sake) but I haven’t seen all the nominated movies in the Best Category list to really say. But that is what the next couple of weeks are for.

    (But my early noms would be for Phoenix and Hoffman for The Master. They aced it.)

  • I don’t get why The Dark Knight Rises was totally snubbed. Yes it was a disappointment in terms of its script, but technically all involved did an outstanding job.

    Hans Zimmer was nominated for the gloomy and dull Inception score, but not his outstanding stand-alone effort here? I mean, who didn’t leave the theatre without the League of Shadows’ chanting stuck in their head? Heck, even Hathaway and Hardy are excellent in their roles, in fact they are more enjoyable with each viewing. The props and effects are outstanding as well; “The Bat” is really well done!

    So without a single nod, something feels strange. Maybe it was the Aurora shootings that gave the Academy an uneasy feeling about this?

    • Sir Rincethis

      Totally agree with you on this. Wasn’t the best movie, but surely deserves SOME attention?

      • Inception score dull? Them’s fighting words!!

        W.r.t. TDKR, I would personally only warrant the technical aspects worthy of attention, such as set design and maybe Wally Pfister’s cinematography.

        Performances from virtually the entire cast was good, but not Oscar worthy, especially when you compare them to the folks who did get nod.

        • Sir Rincethis

          Oh, no, okay, NOT totally agree. I mean with the Dark Knight. I thought Inception was exceptional! (see what I did there… tough crowd…)

        • Inception’s score was “dull” in terms of Zimmer’s creativity. I own almost every one of his movie scores, and there wasn’t anything with Inception that stood out – apart from pioneering the BWAAAAAM! that’s now used in 80% of action movie trailers these days. 😛

          A friend of mine insisted that Inception’s score was Oscar-worthy until I realised that he’d not heard much of Zimmer’s work. It took a lot from The Dark Knight’s score, which he’d composed two years earlier.

          • I’m a Zimmer fanboy, so I’ve listened to enough of his work, and I still loved that soundtrack. “Time” is easily my favourite song on there and one of my personal favourite Zimmer tracks of all time.

  • Sir Rincethis

    I am always slightly excited by the Oscars, but then remind myself the whole thing is more than likely rigged. Which saddens me. That being said, I hope Life of Pi cleans up, what an awesome movie. Best director, Tarantino!

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