Press Release: Killer Pool HD released

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PRESS RELEASE: Killer Pool HD & Killer Pool 1.2 roll into the App Store.

London – Sauce Digital’s renowned Killer Pool has reached the App Store in three new versions today. Killer Pool HD for iPad, Killer Pool 1.2 for iPhone and Killer Pool Lite 1.2 for iPhone .

Killer Pool HD

Killer Pool HD for iPad can be located on iTunes here:

Priced at $1.99 at launch, Killer Pool HD takes the original game and tailors it to the the iPad screen and hardware. It uses the same pool physics engine, the most realistic on the iDevice, and the same popular control system. It proves to be a fantastic experience on the bigger screen.

Killer Pool HD also makes some great improvements on the previous iPhone iteration. These are most obvious in the visuals of the game, which now features:

* Rendering using an increased polygon count and larger texture sizes for higher detail in the models.
* Most effectively, due to their increases hardware power, Killer Pool HD implements polygon smoothing – so that usually jagged 3D edges are smoothed and anti-aliased.

Please see the image below for comparison. Also to be found at:

If you are interested in a promo code in order to review Killer Pool HD, please contact [email protected]

Killer Pool 1.2

Killer Pool for iPhone can be located on iTunes here:
Killer Pool Lite is here:

Killer Pool 1.2 (and its Lite version ) for the iPhone/iPod Touch improves the existing experience for play on the iPhone 4. The popular game play is retained, while the visuals are dramatically improved:

* Retina display enhancement – the game renders at 960×640 for double the pixels and sharpness.
* Also now rendering using a increased polygons and texture sizes for more realistic models.
* iPhone 4s also implement polygon smoothing – so that jagged 3D edges (visible even on the retina display) are smoothed and anti-aliased.

And for all users, on any iDevice, there is the added feature of a “table speed” setting – so players can now choose how long it take balls to come to rest.

About Killer Pool

Killer Pool includes 5 different game variations:
* 8 Ball
* 9 Ball
* UK Black Ball (Eight Ball).
* Killer – The classic multiplayer game for up to 10 players.
* OctoKiller – A unique version of Killer played on an octagonal table, where players eliminate each other by sinking their balls, with the last remaining player victorious.

* Accurate and easy to use controls.
* Shooting using finger swipe or power meter.
* Authentic spin and swerve.
* Realistic physics, such as a cue that raises to avoid balls and rails.
* Rich, lifelike graphics.
* Official APA 8 Ball and 9 Ball rules, WEPF Black Ball rules, and official table/ball/pocket sizes.
* Single player, 2 player or multiplayer modes.
* Tournament play: Local Comp & World Championship.
* Play your own music in the background.
* Resume your game after closing app.
* Turn hints on/off.
* 3 table speeds.
* Landscape and portrait play.

“one of the best games on the iPhone. 5/5 + Editors’s Choice Award.”
“particularly impressive and realistic”
“After looking at plenty of other pool applications, I will say this is my personal favorite. 4/5”
“If you’re looking for a great pool experience, go with Killer Pool. 8/10”
“the best pool physics i’ve seen”
“a great choice for your iPhone. 4/5 ”
“Killer Pool is not only one of the best pool games available on the App Store, it is also one of the best iPhone games that I have played.”

The Killer Pool website is:

Video of the game in action is at:

About Sauce Digital

Sauce Digital is a UK based digital creative agency. It is privately owned and funded and was the started by Director Morgan Davies in 2005. SD Games is Sauce Digital’s games development wing. Currently concentrating on native iPhone Apps, SD Games released Killer Pool in December 08, and has since released:

Space Balls –
Killer Pool –
Nano Rally –
Touch Soccer 3D –
Monkey Tennis –
Amoebas –

For more information contact Morgan Davies or visit

Many Thanks

Morgan Davies
Sauce Digital

T: +44 (0)20 8616 2118

Sauce Digital
Suite 5
329-339 Putney Bridge Road
SW15 2PG

Last Updated: August 22, 2010

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