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Optical Technology Developer Launches Depth Enhancing Technology

for PSPâ„¢ 1000, 2000, 3000 and Slim

CO. ROSCOMMON IRELAND (JUNE 2010)) – Handheld video games will enter a new age of visual immersion at E3 with the official industry launch of the V-Screen from RealView Innovations, a developer of optical technology located in Ireland. Designed specifically for the Sony® PSPâ„¢, the V-Screen bridges the gap between 2-D and 3- D through patented “Depth-Enhancing” technology that enhances the depth perception of the games environment. The V-Screen will be on display at Booth # 5654 West Hall.

A New Visual Experience

The V-Screen uses patented optical technology first developed for the medical world in order to enhance depth cues hidden in existing images. Now video gamers can experience the same depth-enhancement technology with PSPâ„¢ 1000, 2000, 3000 and Slim. Equally impressive, the V-Screen doesn’t require any software, electronics or head gear. It simply cradles the PSPâ„¢ in a protective shell that sports a hidden flip-up screen.  When activated by pressing the thumb catch, the screen containing RealView’s exclusive optical technology glides smoothly into position, ready to give the gamer a new and more engaging experience with their new games and familiar favorites.

RealView launched the V-Screen for PSP earlier this year at CES, receiving a tremendous amount of critical praise. RealView’s technology was referred to as one of the “Hottest Gadgets” by numerous media outlets including the Washington Post, CBS News and ABC News. Subsequently, RealView was awarded overall “Best in Show” at this year’s Retail Vision Europe, a major accomplishment for a company that is a new player in the world of optical technology and home entertainment.

“The V-Screen offers substantial visual improvement for the PSP™,” stated Eamonn Ansbro, Optical Engineer and Co-Executive Director of RealView Innovations. “We are very excited to introduce the V-Screen to the video game industry at E3, along with the other Depth-Enhancing products we will have on display.”

Product Highlights:

·         Patented Depth-Enhancing Technology Improves Visual Impact of PSP™ Games and Videos

·         Works with PSP™ 1000, 2000, 3000, and Slim

·         Works with all mediums including video games, videos and movies played on the PSP™

·         Sturdy, Form Fitting Case Protects Screen and PSP™ from Exterior Damage

·         Fast, Easy Flip-Up Screen

·         No Glasses, Software or Electronics Required

·         Winner “Best in Show” Retail Vision Europe

·         Available Now

·         Suggested Retail $39.99 US

·         Available to Review at E3 2010, Booth #5654 West Hall

About RealView Innovations Ltd.

Founded in 2001, RealView Innovations Ltd. is a privately-owned research & development company based in Ireland . RVI’s management team has specialized in high-volume optical production, thin-film technology, advanced industrial and military optics, and scientific instrumentation. Presently, RVI’s focus is on applications in the personal entertainment and video game markets. Its technology will also be integrated into other areas including mobile phones, televisions, arcade games, ATMs, and flight simulators. In May 2010 RealView was awarded “Best in Show” at Retail Vision Europe 2010 and played a prominent role in the 3D TV World Forum in London.  Since 2009, RealView Innovations Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of RealView Manufacturing Ltd.  www.realview.ie

Last Updated: June 9, 2010

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