One night can change anything in this strange comedy crime thriller bit of anarchy.


  • What is it?

A limo driver needs to get $6,000 or his bookie will do something bad to him. So he arranges to pick up a really big client, hoping for a big tip. Obviously things go wrong…


  • I would like it if I like…

Off the wall crime capers such as Seven Psychopaths and Pawn Shop Diaries. You also get to see Ed Helms act manic and Chris Pine in his strangest role since Smokin’ Aces.


  • Is it good?

That depends. Chris Pine goes completely uncredited, even though he had a major role in this. So clearly someone in his camp didn’t like the final product. Stretch is a bit messy – a little too eagre to try out strange ideas and a little too certain that all the weirdness will stick. But it doesn’t go too far and completely lose the plot. Good for a few laughs and WTF moments, plus you can’t fault Jason Patrick as the lead.


  • Should I watch it?

Stretch is fun to watch, but it also lacks a lot of polish. It is probably the least coherent of director Joe Carnahan’s movies, a list that includes Smokin’ Aces, The A-Team, Narc and The Grey. But he does know what he’s doing, so Stretch is not a mess either. There are also two or three cool surprise cameos and not a bad cast, plus Chris Pine’s deranged billionaire is a performance worth seeing and a far cry from his blue-eyed frat jock image.

This is a good bit of fun for DVD or VOD (but you might also think it’s utter crap, as I did about Seven Psychopaths – these kind of movies can go either way).

Last Updated: December 4, 2015



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