Good grief, Charlie Brown! Are you finally in a blockbuster animated movie that isn’t just a holiday special?



  • What is it?

The world-famous Peanuts comic strip is adapted into a 90-minute, 3D animated tour de force in which Charlie Brown finally tries to court the little red-haired girl. If that makes no sense, this is a family-friendly, fun and colourful animation story for all ages.



  • I would like it if I like…

Peanuts! Actually, that may be controversial. The strip has two types of fans: those who love the ‘life affirming’ stuff and those who dig the ‘life sucks’ stuff. The genius of Peanuts is that it managed to be both and really depended more on your point of view. The movie, though, is pretty much in the ‘life is good’ line of thought.



  • Is it good?

Animation-wise The Peanuts Movie is very well done. It is incredible how surgically the original comic designs were copied and yet brought to a whole new level. Story-wise it is cute, split between Charlie’s lovelorn obsession and Snoopy fantasy tale about a war pilot rescuing his love from the evil Red Baron. One is a bit more grounded while the other provides many of the film’s slapstick jokes. Along the way it hits many favourite Peanuts moments.



  • Should I watch it?

Unless you are a purist for the more cynical Peanuts or you really need lots of explosions and neck-wrenching chase sequences, absolutely. The Peanuts Movie is both a technical marvel – it is incredible how good studios have become at CG animation – and a sincere Peanuts experience. Yes, the sentimentality is a bit thick and pretty much like every Peanuts TV film, but it’s got a nice message, fun to watch and not too long either.

Last Updated: December 22, 2015


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