After being pestered by several people to watch it, I finally pressed play on this indie science fiction film.


  • What is it?

A programmer at a large company wins a lotto to go to his boss’ secluded home and help work on a new technology. It turns out he is there to try and determine if the robot his boss created is sentient or not.


  • I would like this if I like…

Good science fiction or anything that mulls the role of artificial intelligence. Ex Machina is a perfect example of the genre at its peak. It blends futurist ideas with contemporary concerns, in this case meditating on the nature of intelligence and our ability to create it. If you like long debates about Skynet, you really should see this.


  • Is it good?

It’s fantastic. There have been a number of good movies lately that tackle the issue of man, machine and where to draw that line, such as the very under-appreciated Transcendence. But without giving much away, Ex Machina makes a point so beautiful and subtle that it sets a new bar when talking about artificial intelligence.


  • Should I watch it?

If you like science fiction, absolutely. If you are vaguely interested in technology, it’s a must-see as well. But even from a pure movie vantage, it is a beautifully made and orchestrated masterpiece, blending drama and tension in a way that you are not quite sure how things will play out, but you can’t stop watching.

Last Updated: August 21, 2015



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