Besides jokes and violence, the campaign is made up of an absolutely brilliantly-paced roller-coaster ride of crazy action set-pieces, location changes, stunning environments and fun little additions. It is in this department that I think that People Can Fly have truly proven some serious levels of genius by making something that couldn’t possibly stay exciting, remain interesting at all times.

Whether it’s the banter of the characters, the inspired levels, working on your Skillshots, an action set-piece, the not-too-frustrating boss-battles or a high-speed chase I almost never for a moment, ever found myself feeling bored with this game. Bulletstorm actually works in many places where it almost just shouldn’t but only thanks to an incredibly intelligent mixture of elements that work together. If just one was off it could spoil the whole lot, but somehow, they got it right.

It may already seem obvious from the screenshots and videos that you’ve seen, but even on top of that I also really do a good enough job of stressing just how damn good this game looks. Sure, you may have seen more realistic games before, but some of the environments, their scale and some overly creative level designs quite literally made my jaw-drop down as I sat staring at what was in front of me. I often felt guilty in some parts of the game for not stopping to look around more, as if I just couldn’t do the levels and environments justice.


The Unreal Engine 3 looks fantastic and when mixed with a bright and colorful palette, great art design and a lot of (I assume) technical assistance and expertise from their business buddies over at Epic Games, People Can Fly really pulled out a stunner of a game.

Also as mentioned earlier, the spectacular voice acting in Bulletstorm is one of the reasons that the cocky, immature dialogue works so well instead of coming off as cheap and cheesy. This is thanks to some very talented and experienced voice actors such as Steve Blum and Jennifer Hale whose names you will see very often whilst browsing through the video game lists on IMDB.

So it all comes together for the campaign, a marvelous graphics engine, running a fun game with fun dialogue… so what about multiplayer and other modes then?

Bulletstorm also comes with single player modes called Echoes. These are unlockable chunks of the campaign split into small bite-sized high-score runs and allow friends to go at each others best attempts not only to try and get full stars on each, but also for bragging rights on the leaderboards. This mode can add extra hours to the game for anyone who wants to play them, but they are purely optional and might be left completely untouched by a lot of gamers, while others will sink their souls into daily sessions of high score runs to better their buddies.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of Bulletstorm’s gameplay, it isn’t able to offer competitive versus-styled multiplayer modes. You can complain all you want, but the truth is that when you think about it, it just wouldn’t work. Either way it’s a shame at the end of the day, regardless of whether or not we understand why.

Last Updated: March 7, 2011

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