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Cable Guy Borderlands 3 Claptrap Review – If it fits, it sits

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Look at that. Look at that collection of video game controllers you have right there, just resting on a surface like a bunch of layabouts. I think we can do better than merely leaving an input device on a flat surface, don’t you? The question is, where do you put a controller when you’re not using it? The sock drawer? Don’t be a peasant. Your fridge? You just know that you’ll end up drinking the damn thing during the middle of the night.

What you need my friend, is something that truly captures your love for a specific video game. I just happen to have one of those, thanks to the fine fellows at Koodoo. This right here, is the Borderlands 3 Claptrap phone and controller holder. In the box, you get a fine replica of the motor-mouthed mascot of the Gearbox franchise, lovingly recreated in resin and sporting a true to character finish.

There’s also a Micro USB cable that measures in at two meters in length, much like a male porn star’s main talent. Claptrap himself is beautifully designed, featuring a ramshackle construction that highlights just how many wars the lovable chap has been through. It’s solid stuff as well, able to easily brush off any clumsy bodies bumping into it. Hell, I might even use it for weight training. So how does it work then? Easy! Simply pop Clappy’s tray open, put your controller on it and go about your business. End of review, ten out of ten holds stuff well.

Apparently I’ve just been told to do the job properly or I’m fired so y’know what? Here’s a video review as well, where I put the collectable through its paces with the pure professionalism that has become my calling card in this industry. Fine, you win Geoff. This is what you get for making me do actual work, you monster. You get what you freakin’ deserve:

You can grab one of the many Cable Guy collectables for your shelf from Koodoo, Loot , Raru or Takealot. Or if you prefer to go do some physical shopping, head on down to your nearest BT Games, The NEXUS and Musica to find one today.

Last Updated: January 8, 2020

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