Drakengard 3 review round-up

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Who needs Kraut control today, huh? There’s more than one game hitting the market, ready to bust your wallet open. Fantasy RPG Drakenguard 3 is finally out, and the reviews have started flowing out. Here’s what the critics have to say.

Destructoid – 8.5/10

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Drakengard 3 is a bit unconventional at times (like its developer) with tales of extreme hair cuttingand dragon piss, but action fans will want to seek this one out immediately. Within 15 minutes I was drawn into its world and its cast of characters, and I wanted to see Zero’s journey through from start to finish. If you like games like Nier, you’ll love Drakengard 3.

Polygon – 7/10

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Drakengard 3‘s weirdness is its greatest asset. The narrative is intriguing, and the combat is fun enough, but it’s the game’s unapologetically unusual atmosphere that made me end up liking it. It almost lost me to the flood of colorful language and sex-crazed overtones, but those frustrating first few hours gave way to one of the most singular games I’ve ever experienced.

GamesRadar – 3/5

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Drakengard 3 is creepy, crass, and often bleak, but it’s also funny, fascinating, and enjoyable to play. Technical issues aside, it’s a unique experience that’s worthwhile for those who can take its particularly twisted view of the world. Once the game gets its hooks into you, you’ll be able to ignore its shortcomings while zipping around dispatching your enemies and wondering what crazy things will happen next. After all, how many games let you play as bloodthirsty goddess with a flower growing out of one eye?

GameSided – 4/10

Drakengard 3

I assume there is some very hardcore contingent out there that will be very forgiving of Drakengard 3‘s many faults. After all, this is the third one; there must be an audience for it. They will enjoy the mindless action, the humor and the admittedly-unique take of a protagonist who isn’t really a hero, just a murderous psychopath. IfDrakengard 3 was an anime, I might be able to recommend it because it’s crazy characters and humor can grow on you after a time. But Drakengard 3 is a video game, and on just about every level it’s a disaster.

PlayStation Lifestyle – 3.3/10


All things considered, Drakengard 3 is a serviceable game that despite its shortcomings, provides enough thrills to warrant a purchase. Sure, there are graphical issues, slowdown, and the game is rather easy in areas where it should provide more challenge. However, the story is goofy enough for some laughs, the ability to switch between 4 weapons in battle is fun, and despite its repetitive nature, the combat does enough to keep you interested. A little bit of tweaking to the boss battles and camera, and this game could have been a lot more. As it is, the game will keep you interested but has some big time issues that hold it back.

A bit mixed then, innit? The game is out in our European territories on PSN from tomorrow.

Last Updated: May 20, 2014

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