While the whole game is generally more streamlined than its competition, it is actually quite good looking. The character models are very well done and occasionally, depending on the fighters build, you will be able to see the appropriate muscle groups work while executing techniques. The combatant’s bodies will also sweat, bruise and bleed depending on the length of the fight and the amount of damage done to them, which adds a sense of realism to the overall experience. The training facilities are nicely put together and bring forth a feeling of authenticity and recognizable cultural and personal distinction relative to the country you are in, or the trainer you are working with.

The soundtrack is made up of a large number of artists, ranging from Linkin Park to Method Man, and the commentator’s voiceovers are for the most part accurate to what is going on in the ring. It is unfortunate then, that at times during career mode the trainer’s voices sound as if they were recorded with a cell phone.

MMA really shines with its online experience, giving you the ability to compete in quick matches and earn traditional coloured belts as you gain experience. You will also be able to customize fight cards for you and your friends, share the fighters you have created or simply download the character models for just about any fighter or mixed martial artist out there. Video uploads are available for any fight replay or highlights you feel are significant enough to share with the world. Alternatively you could download a couple of high ranking videos other fighters have shared, and you may even learn a thing or two.


In conclusion, MMA is a decent game that covered the international flair of the sport very well and although the game lacks a bit of depth at times, it will keep you entertained with its game play, good looks and a first-class soundtrack. It is a solid title for EA’s first attempt at breaking into a dominated genre and hopefully this will spark an ongoing series that continues to better itself and keeps the competition on its toes.   



Gameplay: 7.7

The tutorial is a little backward and you get the feeling that career mode could have a bit more to it, however the combat element is decent and even though this game can get frustrating at times it is entertaining.

Presentation: 8.0

Despite the simplified look and feel of the game, the character models and environments are nicely done making this a good looking game overall.

Sound: 7.8

I would like to score this area of the game higher considering the superb soundtrack and quality fight commentary, unfortunately the voice acting at times is rather poor.

Value: 8.4

When you are not bashing your friends around online or earning your next belt in ranked matches, the career mode will keep you busy for quite a while with its character roster, weight classes and various leagues.

Overall: 7.9 (not an average)

Overall the game is good, despite it flaws it actually grows on you and introduces a much needed competitive element to the genre.

[Reviewed on Xbox 360]

Last Updated: November 5, 2010

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