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Infamous: First Light review round up

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I’ve often preferred the little bite-sized, standalone bits of inFamous; they suffer from far less bloat than the main games, and end up feeling not quite as empty and barren. There’s a new one for your PlayStation 4 coming today to Europe, after a North American release yesterday. Called First Light, it puts you in the shoes of Abigail “Fetch” Walker – the lady who gave you your neon powers in Second Son. Is it any good?

Here’s what critics have to say of the digitally downloadable standalone game – which will soon be available on disc, too.

Destructoid – 8.5


Full stop, inFamous: First Light is more Second Son, which is a good thing. Although I wasn’t nearly as invested in Fetch as I was with Delsin’s story, this is a great way for fans to return to the super-powered world of Seattle, and an even better way for newcomers to get a taste of the series.

God is a Geek – 8


It feels odd to say it, but I actually prefer First Light to Second Son. The shorter run-time and more direct story could have reduced the feeling of freedom, but instead it benefits almost every area of the game. As a standalone product, its low price and superb gameplay means that it’s definitely recommended.

IGN – 7.5


Infamous: First Light is a decent story around a better character than Second Son, but its battles don’t have the same scale or superpower variety that Second Son’s do. After the short campaign, its challenge maps put a new spin on combat by taking away your ability to escape danger on a whim, making it much tougher.

TheSixthAxis – 8


Whether you’re new to inFamous or not, First Light is definitely worth looking into. The only reason you won’t enjoy this is if you didn’t get on with Second Son at all, and although there are some improvements, there’s not enough difference here to convince those who dislike inFamous. The plot may fall flat at points and there might be a sense of repetition, but a return trip to Seattle isn’t something you should turn down. And if you have never visited before, then what are you waiting for?

Eurogamer – 6


First Light’s weird, limbo nature makes it a hard one to pin down. Considered as a DLC add-on, it’s pretty generous and fans of Second Son will certainly appreciate the extra backstory and another chance to romp around Seattle. As a standalone game, it earns points for trimming the fat from the open-world template, but is also as generic as they come. First Light is an adequate diversion for fans but unlikely to dazzle anybody else.

Gamespot – 6


Infamous: First Light proves itself a serviceable time waster. Fetch is an engaging character, troubled yet intensely loyal, and though her story arc recalls more video games, film, and anime than I care to count, she still commands your attention. I spent about six hours with her in total, and managed a 100-percent playthrough in the process; if you’re just in it for the story, you could probably zap your way through in around two hours. Given Second Son’s greatness, I had hoped for something more than a time-waster, but this Infamous has no bite.

Last Updated: August 27, 2014

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