Killzone Mercenary review round up

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If you’re grabbing PS Vita showcase Killzone Mercenary which becomes available locally today, make sure you have a ton of space on your (now slightly less) expensive and proprietary Vita memory cards.

According to Sixth Axis, the handheld shooter has a whopping 1.2Gb day one patch which is big enough – but if you grab the digital version of the game from the store, you’re going to need 4.5Gb available space for it all. the original download weights in at 3.3Gb.

According to some reviews it really is pretty badass, and the game Vita owners have been waiting for. In a 10/10 review, Sixth Axis says:

“So, while Mercenary might not be the best shooter in the world, in its own field – as a handheld title – it’s almost perfect; there’s no other experience like this on a device as small as this. And, judging the game from that perspective, it’s an experience that will stick with you for a long time, much like GoldenEye, Call of Duty 4 and other revolutionary shooters have managed in the past, and one entirely worthy of its acclaim.

This isn’t just a game you need to buy if you own a Vita, this is the game you buy a Vita for.”

Others aren’t quite as enthused, with Videogamer giving it a 6, saying that the single player was pretty bad.

“Its short 4-hour campaign could have been an interesting to-and-fro between perspectives, but instead it plods along with unambitious missions and a series of crowbarred plot developments that have no weight. The characters are flat, and although the game lets you replay contracts with different objectives to mix things up, it still falls short.”

Joystiq gave it 3 and a half stars, saying that it’s good – but not as good as it should have been

“The core mechanics of Killzone: Mercenary serve as a good lesson in how to create a shooter with a big-budget, console feel on a handheld. While it’s hamstrung by flaky multiplayer functionality and a lack of new ideas, it is impressive just how well the first-person action of the Killzone franchise has translated to the Vita. As competent as it is, however, Killzone: Mercenary is teetering on the edge of being something truly great, if only it could shake the dusty conventions of the modern first-person shooter genre it’s trying so hard to adhere to.”

We’ll have to see if it makes any appreciable impact on Vita sales.

Last Updated: September 4, 2013

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