I know what you are thinking, another boring LEGO game with the same gameplay, the same graphics and the same muffled dialogue. Well if we are going to go into specifics, since the LEGO gaming franchise took off in 1997 this is the 40th game in the series.

But before you cast this one aside, let me throw some positive incentive your way. While the LEGO games may be getting on, the story lines are still fresh and as thrilling as the movies they portray, and after 40 games you can be assured they have ironed out all the bugs.

But is this enough? Will the success of the movies be enough to pull you back into the franchise, or do you need more? Hit the jump and find out.

The game starts with the exact same scene from the first movie. Little Ms. Keira… I mean Elizabeth Swan rescues little Will Turner and steals a piece of the evil pirate treasure as the Black Pearl sales off into the distance, welcome to the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game.

Right from the get go the first thing that hits you is that Disney have spent a lot of time getting the characters to portray every emotion from the film even without speaking a word. Jacks drunken swagger is just as convincing as if Mr. Depp was doing it himself. The characters have never looked better and are brilliantly presented, accompanied by a killer soundtrack.

It’s not surprising that the sound would be good. It is lifted straight from all 4 movies. It is such a magical score and fans of the movies will instantly be taken back from the first moment the theme songs hits your ears.

The levels are brilliantly designed. One moment you will be fighting on the ground and the next you will be in the rafters balancing on the thinnest of beams. However, don’t think these levels will be a walk in the park. While some puzzles are simple, others will challenge you. The levels are big and well put together.

The one thing I really wish they would fix in LEGO games is the camera. Sure it is well done when it comes to following your character. But I constantly find myself moving the right analogue stick to try and spin the camera around to see what’s behind me and nothing happens except for a slight jiggle.

The gameplay is swift and smooth. I really can’t fault it besides when your characters get in the way of each other. But besides that, the LEGO men do what LEGO men do. The transition from hand-to-hand to long range throwing/shooting combat is easy and quick to learn, and switching characters to solve puzzles that only that character can solve is as easy as holding triangle/Y.

You also have the option after each level is finished to “return to port” where you dock at a common ground and can run between maps (movies) to choose where you want to play from. You don’t have to follow the movies in order, however if you haven’t seen the movies, this one is full of spoilers. Especially the fourth game, I should know… sigh.

Last Updated: May 27, 2011

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LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean

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