Mercenaries 2 Reviews Coming In… Not Great

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mercenaries 2 world in flames

Either my jinxing powers are super powerful or I just like games that are not great. My latest expectation, Mercenaries 2, has received it’s IGN review (first review?) and while there are some good points being said about the game the problems are also unmistakable.

Mind you a 7.9 is far from being a bad score but getting a 5 for sound is quite embarrassing and it’s biggest let down seems to have been a shoddy AI implementation.

It is however saved by it’s ability to blow sh*t up… Something which instantly appeals to its target audience.

I have to admit that I get frustrated that I cannot entirely level a building in Bad Company and by the sound of it Mercenaries 2 has solved this problem by making virtually everything capable of turning into dust.

Added to that a decent co-op campaign and this is once again looking like a game we will need to add to our collection. Lets just hope that IGN were being a little harsh on their review.

Source: IGN Review

Last Updated: September 1, 2008

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