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Not every game needs to offer a world of options, multiple modes of play and a control scheme that uses every single input on a controller, to stand out. Sometimes, all you need is a simple finger. One-Line Coloring (trust me my inner UK spelling nerd is screaming here) is that game, a charming collection of art and DIY sketching that focus on a cerebral yet serene application of digit to digital canvas.

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The goal here is simple: You’ve got a dot-to-dot puzzle, a vague idea of what the final product is supposed to look like and it’s up to you connect the lines to create a cute collection of polygons which will then be placed in your garden. Simple…for a few puzzles at least! The catch here is that whenever you do connect a dot, you need to make certain that the next line doesn’t cross an established one or it’s game over.

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On the later levels, this becomes a fiendishly taxing puzzle on the ol’ mental organ, with more complications being added to the mix to make you feel like an absolute dunce. And yet the charm of One-Line Coloring is that it presents its challenges in the most relaxing way possible. The music is soothing, the colours are gentle and there’s no real penalty for messing up a run other than having to start over.

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Each puzzle may seem like a Herculean challenge, but with enough of a plucky attitude and some mental arithmetic, you’ll soon see the pattern in all things and guide your finger to the finish line towards a well-earned victory. Aside from a clunky menu, One-Line Coloring is a charming and inviting game that’s designed to help you relax as you find your groove as you tackle more than a hundred challenges. And that’s an idea that I can easily get behind in these more hectic times.

Last Updated: August 28, 2020

One-Line Coloring
An elegant game of art mixed with problem-solving, One-Line Coloring is a fun distraction with a laidback attitude that’s perfect for a less stressful afternoon when you want to give your brain a quick warm-up.
One-Line Coloring was reviewed on Nintendo Switch

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