Jake Gyllenhaal delivers another great performance in Demolition, yet another movie showing off his acting range. This actor is definitely one to watch and fast approaching an Oscar nomination. The movies he has been cast in recently have put him in roles that no matter what the surrounding is, from the chaotic violence in Nightcrawler to the picturesque vistas of Everest, his acting abilities draw you in to his character and keep you there.

Demolition 2

Demolition follows the same legacy of his 2015 movies as the story centers around Davis, who is on the surface a successful investment banker, happily married and living in a beautiful house. His life immediately spirals out of control after a tragic car accident which leaves him in the hospital with minor injuries but takes the life of his wife.

Amid the chaos and tragedy becomes fixated with writing a letter to the customer complaints department of a vending machine company after his purchase at the hospital vending machine was not honored. This cry for help starts him on his journey of deconstructing his life both figuratively and literally to assess his woes.

Demolition 3

He forms an unlikely bond with Karen (Naomi Watts), a customer service rep from the vending machine company while his behavior severs old bonds in his journey of self-discovery. Davis is torn between the reminders of his old life like his house and finding the strength to rebuild a new one. His father in law Phil (Chris Cooper) tries to pull him back into his drab corporate world but Davis rebels at every instance.

The story is heavy on commentary and dialogue but director Jean Marc-Vallée utilizes Gyllenhaal’s performance to deliver a film that unfolds with tangents of comedy, romance and drama. You follow Davis on his endeavor of self-exploration along the way he also sparks the journeys of all the characters he interacts with. This domino effect provides the viewer with a build up towards the end that begs closure.

Last Updated: August 17, 2016

Demolition Movie

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