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Sonic and The Secret Rings – Reviewed – Wii

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Sonic and the Secret RingsBy Philip Dunkley

When Sonic and the Secret Rings arrived for review last week, I nearly began having convulsions and wanted to tell Gavin that I had some serious illness that would take me out of reviewing for the next few weeks, and that he would have to review it. This was all because of Sonic’s last adventure on the Xbox360 and PS3, just called Sonic the Hedgehog.

That game had to be one of the worst games I’d ever played, so I was rather sceptical about this one, understandably so.

Needless to say, I popped the shiny little disc into the tray after contemplating using it for a coaster for a while, and voila, up she booted, and I can tell you now, it’s nowhere near as bad as the last outing. It’s not great, but it’s one hell of a step in the right direction.

Sonic is thankfully fast again

The story goes a little something like this. A genie appears to our favourite little blue rat, and tells him that the story she is from, Arabian Nights, is disappearing, kind of like the concept from Neverending Story, and she needs his help to vanquish the evil Djinn who is causes all the havoc. After a few quirky comments and lightning fast comebacks, Sonic is off to save the day, and he’ll meet a whole host of very familiar friends and foes on his journey.

Now here is where I have to be objective in this review. It gives you a lengthy tutorial on how to use the controls, and I use the term control very loosely here, as I JUST DON’T GET IT!!!! I am officially useless with this type of control system, but I seem to be one of few, as I’ve had other people who have played it, and got on just fine, and others who seem to have the same problem.

Sonic runs automatically, and you move him left and right via tilting the Wii Remote, and you push AND hold the A button and then release it to jump. Why not just PUSH the button to jump.

On the other hand, the game is definitely fast paced, and it’s great to have Sonic back at speeds we all know and love. The Levels are pretty cool too, and they look great on the Wii, so there’s a plus as well.

Go Sonic Go

It seems Sega is on the right track here, so it’s rather comforting to know that Sonic might be making a comeback in a big way, and what we need to remember here, is that Sonic The Hedgehog was a huge character in gaming history, my gaming history, so I really don’t want to see him fail. Akin to characters like Master Chief, Crash Bandicoot and Lara Croft, we need to preserve these characters, and hopefully the developers don’t lose their way as time goes by.

The Audio in the game is pleasing to the ear as well, so no issues there at all, and it has a funky kind of rock feel to it, so thumbs up from me.

Overall, the experience is not flawless or unsurpassed by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s not anywhere near as bad as the last few. I also think that a person needs to have lightning quick reflexes to play this game, and mine rate up there just between a Sloth and Garden Fungus, hence the fact I get beaten at most multiplayer games.

Would I buy the game, no, it’s just not my type of game, but should you? If you enjoy fast paced arcade reflex bashing game, then yes, but try it on rental first, then decide from there.

Graphics – 75%
Playability – 40% (Please remember, this is me)
Originality – 60%
Tilt Factor – 70%
Overall – 65%

Last Updated: March 27, 2008

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