I’ve never been a big fan of boats or being on water at all to be honest, mainly because I get so amazingly sea sick that I turn into the ship’s entertainment. It’s so bad that even when I went on a tour of a Battleship I could feel the stupid thing moving and had to get off before I added to their internal camouflage.

But you don’t get sea sick in games so when Steeldiver came in for review it was left to me to hold the fort.. er boat.. er submarine and get this job done.

Steeldiver consists of 3 separate games rolled into one, you have the standard Missions, Periscope Strike and Steel Commander.



In missions you take control of the submarine of your choice with that either being a Compact, Midsized or Large with the Compact being fast and efficient but not very well armoured or armed and then the Large being the exact opposite.

You are then thrust into the captain’s seat where you need to control pitch, depth, speed and firing and then you are tasked with moving from left to right while dodging depth charges, taking out other submarines and sinking the all important battleships.

Each level gets more difficult and with the submarine handling like a pregnant hippo I can’t say very many nice things about the game. Once someone takes a shot at you it’s all over, you can’t get out the way and there is very little that can be done to avoid being hit.

Granted, that’s how submarines work but that doesn’t make it fun.

Periscope Strike


In Periscope Strike you are given control off the periscope and need to sink all the warships and transport ships as quickly as possible.

I strongly recommend finding the warships first and then taking them out before they take you out and then cleaning up by sinking the rest of the transport ships.

This is very enjoyable and far more up my alley, but in essence you are turning in a circle and taking pot shots at the ships you see in your sights.. it’s that basic and after a couple of rounds I was done with that.

Steel Commander

Steel Commander is your basic battleship game on steroids. You are given a fleet of transport ships, warships and a submarine and are tasked with taking out your enemy by moving your submarine around their map, deploying a sonar and then targeting what you find.

Steel Commander can be played against another human with their own 3DS and is the only multiplayer aspect that I came across.

The game itself is once again pretty simple and after a few games against the AI I was once again tired of the entire idea behind this game.


Gameplay: 6/10

Unfortunately the little entertainment I got from Periscope Strike didn’t do enough to alleviate the boredom I experienced from the Missions or Steel Commander.

Graphics: 7/10

The 3D effects in Steeldiver are impressive but the actual maps and levels are very very simplistic which means that you’re going to get bored of this pretty quickly

Value: 6/10

There isn’t much in this game that will keep me coming back for more and unless you find this in a bargain bin I couldn’t recommend its value prospects.

Overall: 6/10

If you’re a huge submarine fan then this is the game for you but if like me you find the slow moving action a little too laid back for your liking then I would recommend giving this a skip

Last Updated: June 17, 2011

Steeldiver 3DS

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