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Street Fighter V Review Round-Up

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I’ve never been terribly enamoured with fighting games, but I’ve often picked a lot for them up for the occasional story mode playthrough and highly enjoyable multiplayer when a friend is over (yes, I have those too). One series I have ashamedly not touched since early PS2 days is Street Fighter, much to the disgust of Geoff and Darryn. The extent of my knowledge boils down to recognising Dhalsim (that stretchy guy) and the infamous Hadoken that Ryu ignites from his hands every now and then.

So I don’t really know much about Street Fighter V, which is probably why you should be listening to the options of those a little more well versed in the fighting game scene. Here’s what everyone else is saying about Capcom’s generational fighter.

IGN – 8/10

Street Fighter V review round up 1

Strictly in terms of mechanics and competitive features, Street Fighter 5 is just about peerless, but it has quite a ways to go before it stacks up against other fighting games – including its own predecessor – in terms of overall content.

Gamesradar – 90/100

Street Fighter V review round up 2

Its pleasures are great and many, but for all of their eagerness to please, you’ll really need to explore them shoulder-to-shoulder with others. That, of course, is why the heart of any great fighting game truly beats, and Street Fighter 5’s beats as hard and loud as that of any you care to mention. As such, it would be a real shame if the curious new players it has so much to offer were turned off by its limited early content.

Shacknews – 7/10

Street Fighter V review round up 3

Fortunately for Capcom, what is available now is a lot of fun. The overall fighting game mechanics feel incredible and a big step up from the Street Fighter IV generation. Even someone eternally in scrub tier, like myself, can feel like they can have a good time and eventually get better. That’s why the aforementioned is so frustrating, because Street Fighter V feels like a genuinely great fighting game and it’s hard not to want more.

Destructoid – 8/10

Street Fighter V review round up 6

In many ways Street Fighter V is unfinished, but as a platform, it has strong legs. If Capcom sticks to its word, this could have just as long of a lifespan as IV, if not more.

Examiner – 60/100

Street Fighter V review round up 4

Capcom has some great plans for a well supported 2016 for Street Fighter V, and the ability to cross-play between PlayStation 4 and PC might be an attractive option for some. At this point it’s impossible to say that it’s a must-own for the casual or much less than big fighting game fan collection, but will hinge on your trust in Capcom to refine, patch, and deliver content throughout the year for Street Fighter V.

Lazygamer – 8.4/10

It’s hard to fault Capcom for the barebones presentation in Street Fighter V, because it’s everything they’ve promised it would be. The cinematic story mode is on its way, as are new modes and new characters. That story mode really is disappointing though. Though bare-bones in presentation and lacking single player content right now, Street Fighter V offers a perfect blend of accessibility and depth, making it a fun fighter for players of all skill levels.

Last Updated: February 16, 2016

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