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Tearaway – is this the reason to own a Vita?

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Since it was first shown off, I’ve been in love with Media Molecule’s Tearaway, which really seems like a good reason to won a PlayStation Vita. Since The Banana’s preview though, I’ve been convinced that it would indeed be magical. It’s out this week, and it seems that it really does live up to its promise.

Here’s what people have had to say:

tear2Destructoid – 10/10: Everything just works so well in unison. The soundtrack is delightful and odd, at times reminiscent of Paprika’s parade fanfare with its lively horns. The world, put together in paper scraps, is unbelievable in its artistry and function. Tearaway’s paper water and ripples as you walk through it are more impressive than any realistic water graphics I’ve ever seen. The level of unique detail in the world is staggering. Every moment spent immersed in it is heartwarming. Fittingly, it feels positively handcrafted.

Eurogamer – 8/10: It’s not a long game, but for every section of simple platforming there’s a moment of pure creative delight that leaves most other games looking stuffy and sterile, locked away behind their joypads and glass, away from your prodding, inquisitive fingers. Tearaway’s tactile world may be no more real, but while you’re under its spell it certainly doesn’t feel that way.

Polygon – 9.5/10: Tearaway is a rare breed; the kind of game that was engineered to be supremely easy to fall in love with. It’s not just the inherent charm of its paper world, its infinitely catchy folk-electronic soundtrack or its cast of quirky characters. It’s the way the game involves you at every turn — the way the world moves when you touch it. I never felt like I was beating Tearaway as much as collaborating with it. From cover to cover, Tearway is an engrossing, spellbinding experience.

IGN – 9.3/10: Tearaway is a joy. Whether it was a riding a pig towards the sunset or playing basketball with a super-powered accordion, it never failed to make me smile. It sincerely believes that imagination really is the most important faculty, and in turn, succeeded in transporting me back to a time when I built strange worlds equipped with nothing but crayons and card. It does this by using every aspect of the Vita, crafting an experience that I can’t imagine being realised elsewhere. It might be short, but it’s very special.tear1

CVG – 9/10: Yet if there’s one moment that perhaps sums up Tearaway best, it’s a piece of narration from the inimitable Richard Ridings, a line that seems to double as a mission statement for Media Molecule. "Embracing new ideas!" he shouts. "You can’t say we’re not trying!" Even among those who find Tearaway too slight or too easy, there can surely be few arguments with that.

Joystiq – 3/5: Tearaway is cheerful, clever, and colorful, but never quite attains the masterful blend of art and gameplay exhibited by developer Media Molecule’s previous efforts, the LittleBigPlanet games. It’s crammed full of wonderful ideas that can’t quite compete with a control scheme that – apologies – looks good on paper but doesn’t work well in practice. Tearaway has a big heart … if only your fingers didn’t keep getting in the way.

Joystiq seems to be the sole dissenter in a sea of cheer, but it certainly seems that Tearaway is the best game on the Vita right now, and quite possibly one of the most inventive and interesting games this whole year.

Last Updated: November 20, 2013

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