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Tomb Raider Review Round up

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We’ve already shown one publication’s tremendously high review score for the impending Tomb Raider reboot – but now that reviews are everywhere, it’s time to take a look to see if the newly redesigned Lara has her own merits, or is just a full circle, re-appropriated Nathan Drake. Here’s what critic have to say.

Here are the scores!

CVG – 9/10

Destructoid – 8.5/10
Digital Spy – 5/5
Edge – 8/10
Gamespot – 8.5/10
Gametrailers – 8.5/10
GameInformer – 9.25/10
Eurogamer – 8/10
IGN – 9.1
Metro – 8/10
NowGamer – 8.8/10
OPM – 8/10
OXM – 8/10
Polygon – 9/10

“Beneath the noise there is an engaging story clamouring to be heard, and there are moments of true beauty, serenity and pathos fighting for attention,” says Eurogamer. “The game does get better as it goes on, and despite the distractions the last few hours are a pleasure to play. At the centre of it all is a brilliant character, still iconic but more human and believable than she’s ever been before.”

Destructoid’s Jim Sterling also heaped praise, saying “Tomb Raider could so easily have gone wrong, and its opening gambit looks like it’s heading down a most erroneous path. It starts off with some ambushing QTEs and absolutely pummels Lara Croft into the dirt to such a degree, you’d almost suspect the developers were getting off on it. This first impression is an awkward obfuscation, however, one that soon erodes to reveal a savvy, thoughtful, and above all, immensely enjoyable game. In fact, I’m happy to go on record as saying this is the best Tomb Raider game I’ve played.”

Giving the game a 9, Polygon says that ”It’s easy to point out the many ways that Tomb Raider borrows bits and pieces from other popular games of the last five years, but Crystal Dynamics has blended these disparate strengths into something remarkable. It’s cinematic yet open, intense yet laid-back, fresh yet polished. It’s a near-perfect embodiment of the age of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with a hint of what to expect next.

That sounds better than I had hoped, many reviewers have said the game’s one of the best action experiences in recent memory – and that Lara’s return is a triumphant one. Look out for our own review soon.

Welcome back, Ms Croft. You’ve ben gone for too long. Tomb Raider will be available locally for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in exactly a week, on March 5.

Last Updated: February 26, 2013

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