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Turning Point: Fall of Liberty – Absolutely Terrible

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Abomination of a game

I was at a Xbox 360 event a few weeks ago that had a whole pile of preview games available for us to jam on.

One of them was Turning Point: Fall of Liberty. This game looks so bad that a whole pile of journalists, who would happily sell their mothers for a feature, were the least bit interested in even trying it out.

I think in 3 hours two journo’s partners sat at the game by mistake and someone else used the space to eat their food…

It seems that these journalists knew rubbish when they saw it and this game has now been officially reviewed by someone… I think the review speaks for itself.

It’s tough to pinpoint the worst trait of Turning Point. You could go with its stupid reimagining of World War II, painfully linear level design, sloppy player movement that finds your character constantly hung up on objects while moving through the boring environments, terrible iron sights that tend to block out your target, the broken clipping that has soldiers falling through walls, or the brain-dead AI that sometimes fails to register your presence. It’s a veritable cornucopia of suckitude only useable as a torture method by the CIA to extract important information from gamers. In other words, save your money.

They gave it a 3.5/10 mainly because you have to give something for a game that is virtually playable.

If you are interested in this game then try find a rental place that was dumb enough to buy it.

Last Updated: March 7, 2008

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