Help us review Sunset Overdrive!

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I won’t lie to you: This job isn’t exactly easy. But it does have perks, such as your hair going grey early and playing the latest games a little bit earlier than everyone elseso that you can get a review out in time for launch day. We’re busy with one such game right now, Sunset Overdrive. And we need your help on this one.

Or to be more precise, I need your questions for the video review. As you know by now, I’ve changed the format of our regular video reviews: namely, condensing the game into ten questions that are answered and thus sum up the gaming experience in total. Now I’ve got a bunch of questions ready for Sunset Overdrive, but as usual, I’d like to hear from you guys.

After all, I do these reviews for you and it is your money on the line when you check the mighty interwebs for opinions. So drop me some questions in the comments below or in the YouTube video, and if I like what I read I’ll forget to credit you and steal your rather good question. Actually, not that. That would be bad. Bad Darryn, bad.

We’ll have our Sunset Overdrive review ready for you guys next week. Stay tuned!

Last Updated: October 21, 2014

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