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Xbox Live vs. PlayStation Network

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A while ago I was pointed in the direction of onAXIS as a good place to get some good PS3 news, since the majority of mainstream media sites slam the PS3.

I have used them a few times and today when I saw they had a comparison of the Xbox live service and PlayStation network I was expecting to see some completely biased rubbish. Surprisingly they have been very open and honest about it all and have mentioned some good and bad about each of the services.

I think they sum it up very well when they say

If you want us to tell you the drastic truth, Xbox Live wins this match, and it will keep winning this match until Sony takes action and starts rolling out it’s forces. I’m a big supporter of Sony, but facts don’t lie, in fact, they can’t talk.

Follow the link at the bottom for the full review though as it really was quite interesting… Which of you have both consoles and do you agree?

onAXIS: Live vs. Network

Last Updated: October 1, 2007

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