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YOU review Jessabelle – More light than fright

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Ahh, horror movies, a genre that gets it more wrong than Trevor trying to pick up a lady using just a jar of Bovril and empty promises. This week our community got together to watch the horror Jessabelle thanks to Lionsgate Entertainment and Times Media Films and we managed to get your reactions. I must say the movie reminded me a bit too much of The Skeleton Key and I thought it also failed to capitalize on many opportunities. But what do I know eh? Let’s see what you bright sparks thought.

Let’s start with those who didn’t really enjoy it…

For a horror movie, when the biggest jump of the night comes because someone in the movie, off-screen, shouts “What are you doing here?”, then, I’m sorry, you know you’re doing something wrong!  Not even the lead-actress’ ‘cute’ factor could save this one for me – I’m afraid the only real horror about this movie is that people are going to actually pay money to see it…  Reminds me a lot of the movie, “The Skeleton Key” (same sorta premise, locale and voodoo involvement)…  And no, that is not a good thing! – Jonathan Schutte

Jessabelle started off with all the right scares and allusions to imminent danger, but somewhere along the way it turns into another predictable trope filled run of the mill horror. If they were going for comedy horror in the second half, they succeeded. – Chantal Wood

The movie was very disappointing, didn’t like storyline or acting, the trailer looked good but the movie was horrible,  I give it one and a half out of five stars. – Lynne Stoffberg

The movie started off extremely well with plausible, unique elements that made you feel uneasy as they could happen to you. Unfortunately tried, tested and boring scare methods are defaulted to in the 2nd half of the film and ultimately the writers needed to have one of the main characters spell out the entire plot (and twists, and meanings) in one short, 5 minute scene. I felt like the ghost should’ve had a checklist and clipboard, making sure she covered everything. Eddie Murphy’s theory of white people never moving out of the house when the ghost whispers “Geeet ouuuuut” stands true in this film. – Michael Mullany @eXpZ

I thought that the popcorn and coke was great.  I might have over salted the popcorn a little bit.  I always tend to do that.  I also find that I run out of coke before popcorn when going to the movies.  The ratio in volumes are just not right for me.  I managed to make it work perfectly this time.  Movie was meh. – Andre V

Jessabelle is a watered down version of The Skeleton Key which fails to deliver on all levels. There’re moments of well built-up anticipation but then completely lost with no delivery. I was bored with the movie and kept waiting in anticipation that it would get better or at least interesting with a new twist. By the end of the movie, I was glad it was over and could pay more attention to something else like getting the popcorn kernel stuck behind my gums out. – Craig Guild

And now those who kinda did like it…


I am an absolute horror fest fan, and I must admit, this movie is by far, one of the scariest, heart wrenching, blood curdling movies I have watched in a very long time! The story line was not as predictable as most movies, the end was a delight and the scenes were hellishly well set out. This movie had me raving about it the next day at work and now my colleagues are all psyched about it .. a movie well worth watching! – Andrea Aroomoogam

Not the scariest movie, but it had a few toe curling moments and splatters of grossness which made for good viewing. – Shaida Leeman

Well that was one of the funniest movies I have seen all year! Really enjoyed the experience coz of all the reactions but not scary! – Alwynne Baatjies

“Good movie. Great twist. First horror to make me actually jump in years. Not the usual predictable fare.” – Allen Levitt

Jessabelle wasn’t that good, but it had enough twists and turns to keep you interested, along with some creepy moments and jump scares. It’s the kind of movie that you watch on a Friday night when you’ve exhausted your other options, and feel like covering your eyes for most of 90 minutes. – Jonathan Lea

Let’s just say that the people’s reaction to the movie was more entertaining, but what do I know? I’m just an Avo. 😉 – UnaveragedAvo

Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment and if I didn’t manage to use yours, it’s because of space, time, and you’re rubbish. Jokes!

We’ll hopefully host another evening in the new year and I am trying to arrange something that isn’t a horror for all the big babies who haven’t joined us yet, In the meantime though, pop over to our Ster-Kinekor IMAX competition and you may very well be watching The Hobbit this coming Wednesday!

Last Updated: January 4, 2017

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