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Which Overwatch characters could we see made playable in future?

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“You know, the world could always use more heroes,” Tracer said back in 2014, when Overwatch was first unveiled. Sure, that line may have been written by Blizzard, but that’s a sentiment they’re taking to heart. Now that their shooter is officially out, they intend to throw their full support behind it. They are going to roll out constant content updates in future, which will include extra maps and modes, and of course, new characters.

Overwatch’s roster may already consist of 21 wildly different and unique heroes, but it’s only going to expand moving forward. Who might we expect to see added to it though? Here are couple of guesses…

Overwatch characters


One character that’s received a lot of attention over the past couple of weeks is female known only as Sombra. There are a good few clues pointing to her existence, including a direct quote from Reaper (“where is Sombra when you need her?”), a picture in a newspaper in Dorado, a classified file, and a security terminal with the text, “Unauthorised access. Protocal Sombra”. This mystery person certainly exists, but who is she exactly?

Many speculate that Sombra is actually Pharah’s mother – Ana Amari. Unfortunately, she is presumed to be dead. Her exact status remains unknown however, so just as Jack Morrison became Soldier: 76, and Gabriel Reyes resurfaced as Reaper (despite them both being thought dead too), so then can Ana reappear as Sombra. She was one of the original members of Overwatch afterall, so it would be nice to see her added to the game at some stage.

Whether she is in fact Sombra or not remains to be seen. Seeing as there are more clues about that particular character out there though (according to Game Director Jeff Kaplan), I’m sure we will find answers soon enough.



For a very, very long time now, we thought Overwatch had five founding members; Gabriel Reyes (Reaper), John “Jack” Morrison (Soldier: 76), Reinhardt Wilhelm, Torbjörn Lindhorn, and Ana Amari (Pharah’s mother, in case you missed it). Then out of nowhere, Blizzard casually revealed that there were actually six.  All we know about this surprise new Overwatch member at the moment is their surname – Liao. Who the hell is that, and why did Blizzard only reveal them now? For all we know, Liao could end up being Sombra.

I somehow doubt that though. I’m hoping that Blizzard end up revealing a whole new character, and makes them playable in-game at some stage.

Overwatch founders

Sound Quake and Fusionator

The original cinematic trailer for Overwatch came out in 2014, and to this day, it’s still packed with so many unknown faces. You could write all the randoms off as generic filler characters placed there to fill the gaps, but I really don’t think that’s the case. Take Lúcio and Genji for example. They featured in the animated short (as seen in the screenshot below) long before they were officially revealed.

I do think Blizzard have plans to bring at least two more characters from that video to life, namely Sound Quake and Fusionator. We don’t know what they look like at all unfortunately (unless they are one of the unknown characters below), but they are mentioned by the little boy directly. They must’ve done some pretty impressive stuff (or are just cool in general) for him to idolise them like that. Oh, and according to him, Sound Quake has chest pistols. If a character with that kind of weapon doesn’t end up in Overwatch at some stage, I’m going to be sorely disappointed.

As a side note, I personally think the big red person on the right in the image below is Sound Quake. He or she makes a very brief appearance right at the end of Winston’s animated short too, when dozens of pictures of heroes flash by in a few short seconds.

Overwatch cast


You all know what Doomfist is, right? It’s the moniker seen in the original cinematic trailer – the very item that Widowmaker and Reaper are trying to steal from the museum in Numbani, and the payload players escort on that very same map.

Three individuals have wielded it; ‘The Savior’ (Aohadu Ngumi), ‘The Scourge’ (Akinjide Adeyemi), and ‘The Successor’ (Unknown). We don’t know who it is exactly, but one of those characters was defeated by Winston at some point in the lore.

Reaper and Widowmaker are definitely keen to get their hands on the glove, but who will they give it to if they acquire it? I think we will find out one day, and that Blizzard will make this mystery character playable in-game when they make that big reveal. I think Doomfist, whoever it turns out to be, will be an awesome addition to the Overwatch roster.



Sven is an old friend of Torbjörn that appears in the comic, Destroyer. We don’t know much about him, other than that he is an engineer too, and that he seeks to achieve world balance by any means necessary. He is thwarted by his old pal in that tale, and his current status is unknown.

Though I don’t think Overwatch needs new builders right now, I do like to think that there might be one in future that isn’t an angry bearded man with one almighty turret. How cool would it be to have someone like Sven added to the game at some stage, with the ability to build an army of automated Omnics, or have a giant one serve him as an ultimate ability for example?


For all we know, none of these characters will end up in Overwatch, and we’ll see a whole lot of new faces instead. Still, I don’t think Blizzard created these personas by accident. I’d love to see all of the above added to the game!

What about you? Do you have any wild guesses as to who we could see in future? It’s time to Play Overwatch!

Last Updated: June 15, 2016


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