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Join the battle of the vampire clans in Blood Bound

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A new social game of intrigue and deduction has been released by Fantasy Flight Games. In a similar vein (haha! Vein! Because vampires) to Coup or Avalon, Blood Bound caters for six to twelve players. Players take on the role of dwindling survivors of two rival vampire clans, pushed to the edge of extinction by war and treachery. You need to unite with allies and kill off the enemy clan, but you don’t know who is friend or foe.

Players will seek to identify the leaders of the rival clan and capture them before their own leader can be uncovered. Everyone’s role is secret, but all talks will be in the open. However, open communication doesn’t necessarily mean honest communication! You’re allowed to lie through your fangs if it will help your clan.

Each clan card has a rank number, and the person with the lowest rank number is the leader of the clan. So, at the beginning of the game, you might not even know if you are the leader yourself! Unlike other deduction games, Blood Bound will also allow you to reveal your rank in the game. If you’ve suffered a wound and revealed your rank token, you can use your card’s special ability which might allow you to look at other players’ cards, or launch a counterstrike.

Blood Bound promises a memorable social gaming experience of back-stabbing, scheming, conspiracy and treachery, with some gorgeous art to boot. Now available from Fantasy Flight Games.

Two vampire clans coexisted for centuries, ruling the night with a tenuous but lasting peace. But when the Gargoyle clan began adding to their ranks more heavily, the Phoenix were forced to keep pace or perish. From there, the conflict that consumed the clans was inevitable, bringing both clans to the brink of extinction. Now, only the remnants of each once-proud group remain as both sides seek to discover their allies and capture the leader of the rival clan to finally end this conflict.

Last Updated: January 9, 2018

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