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A leak reveals details on Google’s successor to its Chromecast device – The “Sabrina”

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With Google finally sunsetting the Chromecast device that turned any ordinary TV into a smart TV and allowed it to stream, there was always going to be discussions on what would come next from the company. Would they would move away from the market entirely or perhaps come up with a new device that improves upon the Chromecast further and can provide a better challenge to Apple’s dominant, yet overpriced AppleTV device?

Well now we have a definite answer of what Google’s intentions are, as a new reveal by XDADevelopers (who claim to have gotten their hands on some marketing material), have shed some light on what exactly Google’s new device will look like. The report reveals that the current codename for the device is “Sabrina”, and it is believed that it will come with a remote and a proper software interface with possible voice navigation, moving away from the need for a companion app that was required for the original Chromecast device.

The Sabrina looks a bit like a Chromecast Ultra, although less circular in design. Other screenshots obtained by XDA Developers show off pink, white, and black colour options. The report also says the marketing video from which the images were grabbed shows off the top half of the remote and its dedicated Google Assistant button. XDA Developers says it obtained the video from a pre-release firmware build shared by a trusted Android developer.

It’s worth noting however that the video that XDADeveloeprs claims to have of the device is from October 2019 and so Sabrina could look a little different in its final version. I personally think Google will need to drastically improve on the software and other services it offers if it hopes to be a better competitor to the other streaming devices. At least one thing that the Chromecast always had going for it was the price and its likely that Sabrina will as well, with a report from Protocol revealing that Google intends to sell it for under $80, a price that us significantly cheaper than Apple’s offering. Apple users have shown that they are willing to pay a premium for Apple’s product though and so Google has its work cut out for them.

Last Updated: June 3, 2020

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