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Microsoft’s Surface Duo may have a battery problem

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While its competitors are trying to find many different ways of bending glass or plastic for their foldable devices Microsoft is instead placing its bet on dual-screen technology being the next big thing, with its forthcoming Surface Neo and Duo devices. The company is not just trying to change the game with a different method of interacting with smart devices, but also in trying to break away from high spec devices with its new hardware aimed at getting as much power as possible out of lower-spec technology to cater for a wider audience through affordability.

This reliance on slight older specs was also supposed to boost battery life, but according to a new report from Windows Central, the Surface Duo will also be shipping with a rather small 3,460mAh battery that raises concerns over its ability to power two screens effectively for a long period of time.

The Android-powered Duo will be Microsoft’s first foray back onto the smartphone market since its ill-fated Windows Phones and by embracing Android along with its massive Appstore, it should rectify the main issue that affected that last attempt. By having two 5.6-inch displays which can rotate and run multiple apps individually, it will certainly stand out and offer something different. Hopefully it won’t end up being too affected by battery life issues otherwise Microsoft could have yet another short venture into the smartphone business.

The Surface Duo also comes with an older Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, 6GB of RAM, an 11-megapixel camera for both front-facing and rear-facing photos and videos, a fingerprint sensor for authentication, and a USB-C and Nano SIM slot included in the device.

The report doesn’t reveal what sort of battery life the larger Windows 10X powered Neo will have, though with this device being larger and more powerful, it should come with a larger battery to help compensate for the increased demand on power.

Last Updated: May 19, 2020

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