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A Simple Guide to Creating a Memorable Photo Book

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You’ve got all of these photos and pictures for your life and from different events and seasons. Whether they are physical photos or are photos that are on your phone that you just don’t want to delete, some of the best things you can do with them is to make them into a memorable photo book.

However, making a photo book can be hard if you don’t have the mind of a scrapbooker, and you probably want your photo book to be a lot more than just a bunch of photos slapped between bindings.

So, here are some of the best ways to make a photo book that is as memorable as the photos you have collected.

Organize Your Photos

First, you want your photo book to do the one thing that all books can do, which is to tell a story and take the reader on a journey. So organize your photos and see if there are themes around them. For example, you might have photos that are all part of a specific event or might all have the same people inside of them.

If you have a lot of pictures of a newborn baby, try putting all of those together. If you have pictures of the grandparents spending a lot of time with their grandkids, put those pictures in their own section and so on. Organizing your photos will help you feel different emotions whenever you look back on the book.

Make Sure Your Photos Are The Right Size

Whether you have decided to print your photos yourself or want to order your photos to be printed by a professional, you need to make sure they are the same or of similar size, says Adobe. While there’s nothing wrong with having some pictures in your photo book be bigger or smaller than others, it is more uniform and also much easier to organize a photobook with properly sized photos.

Spruce Up A Planner Or Calendar With Photos

While you might want to create a simple scrapbook that you only pull out during holidays or family gatherings, you might decide to actually create a book that you and your family can use as well. For example, it is very easy to create custom photo calendars and customize your daily planner with some extra photos as well.

You can use photos as covers and as pages in your daily planner as well, and there are a lot of other benefits to sprucing up planners and calendars as well. They can help you use them, and might also remind you to take the time out of your day or month to call the family members depicted in the photo!

Plus, having special moments on photo calendars can help you whenever you turn that page in expectation of another rough month, only to see the faces of your loved ones and some happy memories, says Mixbook.

Enjoy The Process

Finally, enjoy the process of creating your photo book, because it should be a nice walk down memory lane and might also be a chance for you to write some amazing captions and also show off your decorating skills (more info). Have fun with the entire process, and you will find that you will enjoy using your photo book even more.

It will certainly be memorable then, and you can make sure that you can share that memory with all the people that you really love. Especially if you make copies of the photo book or the calendar and share them with all the stars of the photos as presents.

Last Updated: October 27, 2022

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