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Amazon release new site and apps to connect music artists to their fans

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Music streaming has been a fantastic platform for music fans, giving them access to a wider range of music that they can listen to which in turn is far cheaper than buying the music outright. The fact that these services even go the extra mile to tailor mixtapes to your tapes rather than just listening to the radio and waiting for the odd song that you like to listen to, just sweetens the deal. Music streaming also helped the industry take in more revenue than ever before even though the amount that actually gets directed towards record labels and artists is seemingly far less.

However, all that data that is collected by people listening should be extremely useful to those labels and artists and this is something that many companies like Spotify and Apple have realised as they have created tools that give artists insight and data about their listeners and their habits, to better understand the demand of fans and hopefully make it easier for them to market and create music for them as well.

Amazon is doing the same as it has released a new app called Amazon Music for Artists. While Amazon’s new offering is nothing revolutionary for the industry, they are planning on offering one additional data point that their competitors do not: Voice data. Essentially allowing artists to see how they are trending on Alexa and shows details on how people request songs on the platform, such as by artist, album, song, or lyrics. This along with the usual location insights, real-time streaming data, biggest fans, Amazon Music playlists and stations on which the artists’ music appears most.

The app is available on both iOS and Android, along with a companion website. It’s a great idea which further empowers bands to connect to their fans, though I think what they really need is one website which combines all the data from these sites to give them an even bigger picture of their audience’s listening habits rather than forcing them to have accounts across all the big companies to get this information. And I just gave you your next big business idea. You can thank me later with company shares.

Last Updated: March 17, 2020

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