AMD putting finishing touches on R300 Series

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AMD R300 series almost done

AMD is in the perfect position to capitalise on the recent PR blunder Nvidia has found themselves in with the GTX 970, with many opting to return their cards and jump ship to the brand new R300 series. But there’s no solid date yet, which has many wondering whether or not the trade in is even worth it. AMD wants you to hold out, because they’re so close to launch.

Responding to a fan looking to trade-in his GTX 970, AMD has said that they’re putting the finishing touches on their R300 series. It’s not anything set in stone, but at the very least it’s solidifying the fact that the cards should launch within Q2 this year.

“Hey mate, we don’t have an official date to share just yet but the second we know, we will definitely announce it on Facebook. We’re still putting the finishing touches on the 300 series to make sure they live up to expectation. Can’t wait to reveal them though. We’re pretty excited.”

Just yesterday a possible leak of benchmark scores from the new cards showed a massive performance jump, which would certainly even out the race once again between Nvidia and AMD. Couple that with the rumours about the brand new high-bandwidth 3D stacked memory configuration that could see speeds up to nine times greater than GDDR5, and you’ve got a lot of reasons to wait it out and see what’s behind the Red curtain.

I still think anyone wanting to return their GTX 970 is jumping the gun a little bit, but at the very least AMD is making it one hell of a tough decision. And we’re all winners when there’s healthy competition in the market.

Last Updated: February 6, 2015

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