AMD wont just be “the cheaper solution”

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AMD has a reputation among gamers for delivering the best price to performance. They’re the go-to-guys to eke the best performance out of the tightest budget. In short, when it comes to building a PC, they’re the cost-effective solution. It’s also often meant that the company doesn’t have a competitive enthusiast level part when compared to Intel. That’s changing.

“It can’t just be that we’re the cheaper solution,” AMD said, adding that it’ll be refocusing its efforts on performance. When it comes to CPU’s AMD still can’t really compete with Intel’s i7.

“It’s extraordinarily important to ensure that we have competitive, high-performance cores,” said CEO Lisa Su (Via Ars Technica) “We have reduced our low-end PC exposure. When you look at AMD’s historical business, we were very, very heavily concentrated in consumer, low end PCs, that was actually our speciality.

However, when you look at that market, there has been so much volatility, especially at the intersection between tablets and PCs and differentiation hasn’t been there… very clearly, we are an x86 company. We have tremendous x86 heritage, and opportunity to lead in that area. We are absolutely going to invest in high-performance x86.”

That’s as far as their CPU’s go. Right now though, they’ve lost the price-to-performance war with Nvidia, whose relatively affordable GTX 970 claims that crown. For now.

AMD’s next enthusiast-level card will be available in a few months, bringing next-generation technologies like HBM stacked memory. Unfortunately, its other cards have now been confirmed to be rebrands, or retuned models of their previous cards. AMD’s revealed the specs of the R9-380, 370 and 360 cards, and according to

  • The AMD Radeon R9 380 is based on the current retail Radeon R9 285 card
  • The AMD Radeon R9 370 is based on the current retail Radeon R7 265 card with a little more GPU clock speed applied
  • The AMD Radeon R9 360 is based on the current Radeon R9 260 OEM card

In the future, AMD will no longer focus on being the low-cost solution. And that’s a good thing. Intel needs the competition.

Last Updated: May 8, 2015

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