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Anchor is now turning your video chats into podcasts

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Much like YouTube has made many a person believe they can be their own big TV star, so too are podcasts making many people feel like they can be a radio show host of their own. Making podcasts is about to get a bit easier as a new app called Anchor, owned by Spotify, will now let you take recordings of your video calls and chats and turn them into podcasts (via TechCrunch). So, if you’ve been doing a regular Zoom meetup with your friends to talk about your lockdown life, for example, this new tool could help you turn those conversations into a podcast you can publish and share.

At least that is the dream Anchor is selling because the reality is a lot more difficult than that, as when you do upload a file of a video recording all the app does is pull the audio out of that file. To actually get the recordings, you’ll have to record your video call yourself, with the process to do so differing depending on which video service you’re using.

Anchor’s announcement post points to instructions for how to get video recordings for Google Meet, Zoom, Instagram Live, Skype, FaceTime, and Twitch. Anchor also says you won’t be able to upload a YouTube video directly to the platform, but you can upload the raw video file of the YouTube video to Anchor if you have it. The new tool works on the web and supports .mp4 and .mov uploads.

So if you ever thought your chats with friends would make for great entertainment then here is your chance to prove it and create the next big podcast out of it.

Last Updated: April 30, 2020

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