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Apple hardware products are also getting big upgrades

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Apple has announced some pretty big software updates and changes to its operating systems at its WWMC event, but their hardware will also be getting a substantial upgrade.

First up is arguably Apple’s most important and biggest hardware product of them all, AirPods. A new software update will be coming to these devices that will provide two very big changes to them. The first is the ability to let them automatically connect to a whichever paired device is playing audio. The second enhances the spatial audio that tracks your head (and device’s) location to create more immersive sound experience depending on your surroundings. AirPods already offer spatial audio, but this new update is said to improve it quite significantly.

The next obvious piece of hardware also getting an update is the Apple Watch, who is also getting a new version of Apple’s watchOS. First, and perhaps most relevant, is that Apple Watches will be to determine when you start washing your hands through a combination of hand motion and listening for the sound of water. When you activate it, it will automatically start a timer to help ensure you are able to wash your hands for the prescribed amount of time. A feature that is no doubt needed and useful in our current pandemic.

Apple is also adding sleep tracking to its devices, something which many other devices already do and which can then be tracked through its companion app on your phone. WatchOS 7 will also be able to track dancing by picking up a combination of hand-motions and heart rate changes and can apparently track a range of dance types, though I’d be interested to see if it can figure out that the idiotic moves I pull no the dancefloor ae simply me struggling to dance and not suffering from a cardiac arrest

And also, for those that care for the cosmetic look of their watch face, a new feature called face-swapping can allow a person to get a watch face that they haven’t seen from a friend rather than having to search for it online.

Apple doesn’t just want contour of your wearable technology usage but our homes too, as they expanded the compatibility of its device with different tech, forming a partnership with Google, Amazon and others to allow for their devices to work with these home products and vice- versa should Apple choosing to make more smart home products.

And control of your home wouldn’t be complete without your living room, with Apple adding new features to its tvOS. First is the ability to easily switch profiles in Apple Arcade s that a person can start a game in a new profile without affecting their progress in another. There will also be increased support doe Xbox controllers. Though perhaps easily the most exciting thing coming to tvOS 14 is the support of 4K streaming, something which has hampered their TV product up until now. This update brings the Apple TV final up to speed with the last generation of consoles, so don’t hold your breath if you’re hoping they expand to anything beyond 4K anytime soon.

And lastly, Apple will be making the long-awaited move to its own Silicon for all of its devices. While it’s been using its own silicon for its iPhone and iPod devices it’s relied on Intel for its more high-performance Mac and MacBook range. This will allow it to run iOS designed apps directly as well as open the possibility for even running apps for other environments like Linux. It will be interesting to see if Apple can compete with Intel though in terms of its performance

Last Updated: June 23, 2020

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