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Apple may be planning a redesigned iMac and foldable phone for 2021

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Apple may still be considered the biggest tech brand on the planet but it’s no secret that its reputation has waned over the years. Its gains in innovation have slowed and competitors have started to up their game, resulting in a much tighter race every year to produce new hardware. It appears though that Apple is looking to tackle this issue by making some significant redesigns on its various technologies over the coming year.

A new report from Bloomberg suggests that the iMac will undergo its most significant overhaul since 2012, with Apple intending to ditch the chin beneath the screen, cut down on bezel-size overall and move to a flat-back design. Perhaps a rather welcome and obvious choice given that the existing design has looked reasonably date for a while now even as the internal specs keep on getting better. This new design will make the iMac look similar to the Pro Display XDR.

Along with the change in the exterior, the Intel-powered 27-inch and 21.5-inch versions of the iMac will be replaced with new versions powered by Apple’s M1 chipset technology, and these are reportedly far faster and should provide a nice significant performance boost. Last year’s MacBook models made this switch and saw significant gains in the speed department.

Apple is also looking to jump into the foldable screen market, with the company reportedly testing several screen prototypes though it has yet to commit to this specific market. Foldable phones haven’t really made an impact on the market given their high costs and dubious screen quality issues, though you can imagine that if Apple threw its hat into the ring, Apple fanatics would be the first to adopt the technology.

It’s still early in the year though and if Apple is intending to step into the foldable phone market soon, it will probably only announce it in the second half of 2021 during its annual event. This is perhaps not the innovative step forward that you would expect from the company given that its merely stepping into markets that have been created by its competitors.

However, as they proved with the success of their iPhones, iPads and AirPods, you can make a lot of money off existing ideas if you just strive to be ahead of your competitors and have an ace marketing team that can convince people to pay extra for the same products.  

Last Updated: January 19, 2021

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