Are you considering getting a refund on Advanced Warfare due to lag?

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare released just under a fortnight ago to much fanfare and a great reception. The single player is excellent (apart from that ending) and the multiplayer is as tight and well tuned as ever with the awesome addition of the exosuit.

In my mind the multiplayer, which is the obvious mainstay of the title, is easily the best multiplayer since Modern Warfare 2 and has taken the aging franchise into a whole new and healthy direction. But I’m on the edge of thinking that people should start demanding refunds from Sledgehammer Games and Activision.

Last night I decided to give the game another go and I jumped into a Big War game and the lag was finally resolved. I had a great game and ended up in the top 3 or so of the match. I got so excited that I then invited a bunch of other people so we can start having proper COD games again but as soon as we started the next match it all went south.

We were all on a minimum of 10mb lines with some on 20mb lines and yet the lag was absolutely unplayable. People were warping over the map, bullets were virtually a second late in hitting their targets and all in all it was just an entirely frustrating experience. The next round I tried a smaller game mode, Kill Confirmed, and while the experience was better it was still totally unplayable and not what I would expect from a Call of Duty title.

After attempting a few more modes I eventually went to free for all which was playable. Which leads me to believe it’s not even the net code that’s the true problem but rather how the net code handles teams and voice communications. Though I think the single biggest problem right now is that the matchmaking doesn’t appear to take any geolocation data into consideration which means anyone outside of America is more often than not thrown into games with Americans which instantly ruins the experience for both sides.

I don’t know why Sledgehammer are ignoring regional matchmaking but we need it back because without it the game is unplayable outside of America and Western Europe and we have paid for an experience we aren’t getting. If you are having the same problem and are getting as frustrated as I am help the cause by slamming the button below and letting them know.

My experience is on the Xbox One but apparently this issue is across all the platforms so come on guys, help the non-Americans out.

Last Updated: November 19, 2014

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