Asus GR8 Steam Machine launching soon

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The Asus stand at rAge this year was, as always, quite impressive. There was a ton of tech on show, including a look at the company’s two upcoming Steam Machines. The GR8 is the more console-like device between the two, featuring a small form factor and portability. It’s also coming out very, very soon.

The Asus GR8 is a small desktop that can be used on your desk, next to your TV or hooked up to a projector. Like most of the Steam Machine models out there the G8 is relatively portable, allowing PC gaming virtually anywhere. The GR8 will eventually ship with SteamOS, but considering Valve is still dabbling with it you’ll have to settle for Windows 8.1 for now.

The GR8 isn’t the most powerful horse in the stable, but still seems fairly capable of handling most of your 1080p needs. The GR8 comes standard with an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of DDR3L memory and a choice between an HDD or SSD as the main drive. The Nvidia GTX 750Ti will be handling all the pixel pushing, a card which uses early Maxwell tech to deal with standard HD gaming quite well.

Built-in wireless will save you a cable during setup and a built-in Miracast receiver will also allow for seamless streaming from Android devices you may have lying around the house. The compact form fact will also give you easy access to RAM and hard drive bays, allowing you to add more memory at any time. No luck with the GPU though – that’s locked in tightly.

The Asus GR8 is set to launch locally on October 28th, with the not so low price of R12 999.00. You’ll still manage to build an equivalent desktop for less, but it’ll be tough to find one as compact as the G8. If form factor is a big deal, then this may be the answer. Look out for our review soon.

Last Updated: October 15, 2014

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