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Audi wants to combine skateboards and scooters with their new E-tron scooter

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After it just rolled out its first attempt at an electric vehicle in the E-tron, Audi is ready to unveil the perfect companion piece to its electric car, an E-tron scooter, a concept electric scooter that you ride like a skateboard, as revealed by The Verge. The four-wheeled rideable can hit a maximum speed of 20 kph, weighs 12 kg, and has a range of around 20 km. Audi plans to release the scooter in late 2020 for around €2,000 (approximately R33000).  

The concept looks to combine the traditional elements of an e-scooter with the riding style of a skateboard to create something that Audi hopes is unique that will hopefully add to its appeal. Rather than standing with your torso facing forward as you would with a regular scooter, this device sees you standing with your torso to the side, and you only hold onto the front handlebar with a single hand. Twisting this handlebar controls acceleration and braking, leaving the other hand for hand signals or additional balance. Or if you’re me, to break the inevitable fall. At least that’s the intent, though there is nothing stopping you from riding it like a regular scooter should that be your choice.

The E-tron scooter’s battery is built into the handle, where there’s also a small display that shows you its remaining charge level. The scooter will also feature front and rear lights (including brake lights and a daytime running light), with Audi also promising Bluetooth connectivity to let you customize the scooter, possibly connect it to your phone and various fitness devices and offer theft protection.

It’s something different from the car company, though one that they see will be the perfect companion to their new electric vehicle when it releases as it can easily fit in the boot and can be taken out when Audi drivers want to navigate the town after parking their vehicle. It’s an interesting idea, though one that is incredibly expensive for what it offers, leaving many drivers to probably just pick up a more traditional electric scooter or just ride their skateboards instead.  

Last Updated: August 6, 2019

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