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Beats by Dr Dre vs Monster DNA headphone reviews

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We’ve done a couple of headphone reviews here at Lazygamer.net but they have always been gaming headset reviews and while we all love gaming it doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy listening to music normally or that we don’t need normal headphones.

So I was quite happy when two sets of headphones landed on my desk this week to try out.

The first set are the incredibly cool looking Beats Executive by Dr Dre which come with a nice hard cover carry case and a range of cable accessories to ensure you can plug into any device that you have lying around, the one cable also has a handy controller on them for your Android or iOS device which I found to be incredibly useful.


The ear cups were luxuriously soft and were very comfortable for long period of use and the handy mute option on the headset was actually way more useful than I thought.

Basically you simply push in the beats signal on the right cup and the music is instantly muted, great for when someone walks over and starts mouthing at you.

It’s obvious that these headphones are designed for travel as they fold flat and pack away easily in their small case, I would love to have a set of these on my next long flight.


Unfortunately though these headphones also require batteries and I can imagine people often forgetting to switch them off as I did around 5 times. But that isn’t the biggest problem.

The biggest problem is that the switch used to turn the headphones on and off again feels flimsy and after 5 days it started to become erratic for me. The headphones just kept turning off while I was working and you only need that to happen 3 times before you’re done with them.

Beats Executive have a RRP R3 999 and I’m sorry but I can’t recommend them at that price even if the switch didn’t break.


The second set of headphones were the girly blue Monster DNA ones, but don’t worry they do come in a variety of better colours.

The very first thing I noticed about these headphones is that the ear cups are tiny, I don’t have particularly big ears but there was no way these cups would cover my ears properly and as expected they ended up pushing my ears flat after a while.

What did surprise me however is that due to the incredibly comfort of the cups it didn’t start becoming a problem until well after 2 hours of use.

The sound quality of these headphones was excellent and it was on many an occasion that people had to wave their hands at me so I would realise someone was trying to talk to me while I was watching the latest episodes of Prime Evil on Hulu.

My daughter also managed to confiscate these headsets for a few days and is deeply disturbed that they are going back as she says they are easily the most comfortable headphones she has ever experienced. I promised her I would buy her a set for Christmas until I realised they were going for a RRP of R2500, which is a bit steep for a 9 year olds Christmas present. But at the same time I can’t say it’s a total waste for people on the move.

I wouldn’t recommend them if you have a big head but if you’re not the largest person and want to look stylish while still hearing the music perfectly you could do a hell of a lot worse than these Monster DNA headphones.

The nicest addition to these is that you can daisy chain them making multi person listening a comfortable experience again.


Last Updated: December 11, 2013

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